Harvesting 2400 Plants in August: C4 Farm WA

On this episode, we go out to C4 Farm in Rochester, WA an I-502 recreational cannabis farm in the pacific northwest. We will see how they harvest their 2400 …

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    Nothing against c4 or its people or any one talking in the video, they are great 👍🏼. And do a fine job too! Very informative top rated video !

  2. Btw foliar feeding is 9X as efficient as root feeding. Do it 2 hours before sunrise and use some form of surface tension reduction like dawn dish soap. 1 tea spoon per gallon. I think aloe powder works, which plants love too. Grow on G!

  3. iHarvest Helper,
    nice video. ive been around the business 20 years myself. As someone involved purely in organics, i noticed the terminology the gentlemen in the video used was "feed the soil." Instantly i knew this farm is providing good medicine. To anyone that is hammering your gardens with chemicals, you may have a successful harvest this year but over time you will not be successful. You can not stack bandaid upon bandaid hoping to heal the wounds of sick and hungry plants, aka chemical ferts, you need to feed the soil! this is the single biggest break through in growing monster healthy plants. When you have healthy living organic dirt, and your focus shifts from feeding the plants to feeding the soil and creating a living microbiological soil, your world will change. I add no "boosters" or enhancers ever and no one that i know does, and the flowers are top notch. The point is, if you feed the dirt with things like compost, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, azomite, rock phosphate, green sand……you will create a living organism essentially in the dirt. It will be full of many living organisms that are consuming things, breaking them down, reproducing, dying, and overall helping the plants immensely. There is no single product on any garden shelf that is the cure all. No product can beat the knowledge mother nature has on creating a perfect environment. When you feed the soil and have living dirt your plants will get huge, be vigorous, pest resistant, temperature resistant, and your yields will increase. ORGANICS over CHEMICALS! feed the dirt.

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