1. Excellent information. Nice to see that Merry Jane (News) is taking this issue seriously. Now put out about 500 more of these videos using people like this young lady, that has a genuine, intellectual delivery style like this, and maybe we can get the REST of the nation to legalize it.

  2. Well… In the interest of sharing on the benefits of marijauna. My personal benefits from smoking weed were more psychological than physical. I was definitely an oddball growing up, I was biracial, poor, real large for my age and 40% of my body was covered in scars. On top of that my parents were Scientologists. They got kicked out the Sea Org for having kids and because they were so poor we were somewhere new every 6 months. Most people found me confusing, strange and unrelatable. I was very depressed and confused. Scientology is agaisnt most drug use, even legal stuff. So I grew up being taught no drugs! However in high school, I got big into graffiti and got the opportunity to smoke some weed. I was pretty desperate at the time. It changed me. Suprisely for the better. My awareness of myself was projected over me, enabling me to see myself in 3rd person. Which I didn't even know was possible before. It scared the shit out of me. But, it was cool. I started using it to explore my mind and ideas and art. It enabled me to uncover some pretty cool things about reality and draw it out. It wasn't always fun, but it was working better than anything else anyone had ever presented before. Using weed allowed me to do transform myself from a weird depressed kid to a odd artistic man with a healthy degree of self esteem. So not a bad deal, and it was much cheaper than religous doctrine and college.

  3. Lol, it's not conspiracy theory. It's remains illegal because the government, cotton industry, pharmaceutical industry and the logging industry are in bed with each other. Those industries pay the government mad amounts of money so their profits won't fall.

  4. one day congress will pass a bill to end marijuana prohibition…. oh yeah, House Bill 1227 H.R.1227 – Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 and the revenue will help restructure health care in this great nation all brought to you by a flower.

  5. Yes. It is a medicine. Yes, it has helpful properties. But if used a lot before the brain is done developing (around age *25*), it can prevent you from being able to reach your full, 100% unfettered, potential. You know what 30 year olds who score girls like the one in this video have in common? They don't smoke weed erryday, and definitely weren't heavy users as teens.

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