52% of Americans Favor Legalization of Marijuana

Neill Franklin: While 45 percent of Americans oppose legal marijuana, 70 percent think enforcing federal drug laws is a waste of money.

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  1. Politicians still won't listen, they have a hard time understanding they work for the American people. 70 something percent of the American people believe its a waste of their tax dollars fighting marijuana prohibition, and it's still illegal. Fucking ignorant ass crooked pond scum politicians.

  2. Neil Franklin is awesome, I've seen him make a bunch of news appearances and has yet to even come close to losing a single argument. He presents a level-headed, logical, and true argument for legalization.

  3. After legalization of weed we should ban alcohol/tobacco. I want to see our society more peaceful and healthy but the people that drinks/smokes cigs are gonna be dumbasses and somehow defend it =

  4. My psnl view of prostit & drug should be sanctioned by the gov,t. At the same, employers’-includes ST&FED & residents’-condo&apt have the right to discriminate employment and evict from the resident against Pt&User(s). W/this, Gov’t should collect the tax and provide free drug to person who cannot afford to buy. My condo 4250-5 Charles Ritter must move out if the law passes. I don’t care his use/dealing w/drugs but, this Sxxx cratching my vehicles; even after #8 moved out&rented ….

  5. Why? Cannabis is pretty good if you can smoke it or grow it legally.
    The police take your pot, your money, your home, your job, and your freedom.
    Vote for marijuana legalization. The Laws are the most dangerous thing about marijuana.
    Pedophiles and rapists get away because law enforcement is too busy busting honest hard working american marijuana people.
    Alcohol is dangerous. People die from alcohol.
    Pot is safe and healthy in moderation.
    We see violence and crime because it was made illegal.

  6. Exactly my point. Nobody should be paying more taxes on anything. Our government spending is out of control. If they just stopped wasting our money, then there would be plenty of extra and they could start LOWERING taxes.

  7. Plant used by most cultures in history is an enemy of US(banking,arms manufacture,petrochemical, pharmaceutical,private prison,etc.industries), supplies narcomafia with 20%-30% of income and DMT is a class 1 drug?

  8. I just want authorities to get off people's back about medical cannabis, i hope though that if it is legalized that weed doesn't turn into fucking ecstasy. Well anyways medical cannabis has made a positive impact.

  9. make mcjobers sell hemp burgers. with hemp seed milkshakes. before some quick and original country does it first, and leaves all the ''old'' countries in the mud and tar pits.

  10. legalize hemp. hemp can produce cooking oils, clothes, furniture, bowls,and food.or some more people could have the balls to grow it, regardless of ''laws'' that are in place because of ''really smart people'' >sarcasm<

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