#8: Testing Runoff/Flushing Our Cannabis Plants

Dan popped in to take a look at the PH and PPM of the two plants after a few weeks after his initial diagnosis. We encountered some new growth, which is a …

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  1. Great video covered it very nicely I had to flush my plants just a few days ago had one plant looking rough in gallon pots pored in a gallon of ph water checked the run off and it was off the chart on ppm first flush so did it again ppm came down to 1250 and ph was 4.98
    So did it 2 more times with ph water at 6.0 now run off is 700 ppm and ph is 5.8
    Thank you for the video I thought I was going to do the right thing
    And after your video me and my plants feel a lot better

  2. Dude your ph is wayyy off… never heard of someone using 7.. i use 5.6-6.3 in coco. That runoff also looks a lot higher than 900 lol i was wondering what u would say. Water around the edges your drowning your stems.. you want to feed little at a time.. if u see the coco raising like that its going to cause issues.. plant needs a flush for a day at 6.0 with microbes and then 500 feeding next.. if runoff is lower than raise to 750.. that plant does not need more than 750ppm for a long time , it definitely wont absorb it.. the light isnt strong enough and not enough leaves

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