Actor Ranvir Shorey wants marijuana to be legalised in India

Ranvir Shorey talks to Ruchi Kaushal about his new show High and drug abuse in Bollywood. The actor also shares his opinion on laws related to CBD oil and …

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  1. The person is ignorant. marijuana was not illegal in british period or was not illegal in immediate post independent period. It was only sold in a controlled manner with high tax and at licenced outlets. Later in the 80's it was banned.

  2. I support the legalisation of cannabis , I’m a youth who understands the medical use and recreational use for increase of gdp , the taboo on mother weed should be removed , it is plant that everyone should respect

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  4. Based on the saagar manthan going on these days in bullywood, it looks these actors would like to see a lot of things legalized: Narcotics, sex trafficking, organ harvesting, drug parties, sex with minors, killing talented outsiders……!
    Where did the souls of these supposed actors come from? Sodom & Gomorrah?

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