Beginner growers guide how to plant your cannabis seeds after you germinate them.

Had a subscriber ask how to plant your cannabis seeds after germination so here is my method. Looking for genetics definitely check out …

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  1. Hi Endo. Just subed. I don't want to grow any killer stuff – just some run of the mill smoke. I have medical needs & would like to get started. I live here in Cali – so there are no legal issues. How can I start. ThX.

  2. I have a question can someone answer please because my plant needs to be watered and I don’t know what to do.My plant just sprouted 2 days ago and I have been watering it with my tap which is about 8ph and I wanted to know if it’s ok to use ph down to get it to the range of about 6.2 or will ph down hurt my plant?

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