Beginner's Guide to Growing Organic Cannabis

When it comes to growing your own plants, there are a variety of ways to go about feeding them. In this video, we’ll be going over organically grown Cannabis …

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  1. I did my first grow using boogie brew tea with 1 ounce of black strap molasses got 7 0zs of dry GG4 bud off of 5 plants in 5 gal buckets that was great. This round I was thinking of top dressing with vermisterra worm castings. Would that be over kill. And how much worming castings and how often should I top dress? Ps. Great show and info guys😊

  2. I am a noob grower that doesn't smoke, but my husband does. I am having such a hard time finding anything local to do a good soil mix. I am growing two no in Black Gold all-purpose, but I know I am going to need better soon as they are growing so fast.

  3. I grow outside. Worms I have huge ones ft long or bigger, fish meal, couple other items 300 acres of grass seed field I wish I could use but can use hay from it, green and and blue Miracle grow.. Don’t use MG at same time? Im a beginner at this have i large pit about ‘5x’7 w/4 girls in. I know it’s a small area. But I’m going to make it bigger ‘6x’8. Oh yeah the soil around my pit is like a reddish orange color.

  4. I can't wrap my head around paying more for something labeled organic. Like because they do what everyone else does but they signed a piece of paper it's suddenly healthier for you?

  5. Wish I could've seen this a couple years ago… it's like an organic TED talk that everyone should pay attention to! You definitely answer dozens of questions that every newbie has, but usually struggles to find a video like this!

  6. great video!

    On a side note, I'm always looking for other breeders to connect, share info, trade seeds (got about 75 different strains now) and share experiences with. If you're interested, just send me an e-mail at homegrownorganic@@t. I'm from The Netherlands. Are you from Canada or the US?

  7. Hi, I need help . I can’t go pass the germination state the stim gets large and thin and die after the first 2 leaves. What I’m doing wrong. ????I’ve wasted so many already

  8. Awesome video .. great content .. also is it safe to cut off some of the leaves and make tea to drink? I am growing outdoor sativa and indica all organic so which gaig green fertilizer do you think would be best? (Flowering stage)

  9. When you use neem oil, it's systemic so I was wondering if it ends up being in your end product (concentrates) even if you stop spraying during flower period, mad shout out to all you guys and affiliates, keep the knowledge rolling

  10. I’m growing organic and I’m getting necrosis starting in the middle of the leaves at the top and all the old leaves…I am mended my medium with more potassium and phosphorus how long does it take for them to come back. I’m 3 weeks into flower

  11. Rob????? I have a question reguarding composting .. Would it be a good idea to compost your leafs/steams back into your soil mix. Im thinking about this because when you farm a field say corn. after you harvest your corn you then plow / till the soil to in a sence re amend using the veg matter to add the unused minerals/elements back into the soil for the next season. Just seems like a great way to better ones soil and use the unused beneficial nutes that your plants don't use by the time you harvest. Especially if you have the room for such a compost pile . You can also throw your tea waste into your compost pile as well . Seems like it would be benifical to not have any waste.. What do you think? Martin

  12. On one occasion in the past ,I forgot to flush my medium and had salt build up I only started to notice around week three of flower. That’s been awhile ago and we learn as we grow. Hopefully now that I’m in super soil, I should be able to avoid the salt build up that comes from using bottled nutrients.

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