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As federal legalization of Marijuana approaches, we look at how one small town in Eastern Ontario has reversed its fortunes on the promise of a marijuana …

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  1. How many youth will become bipolar due to drug use??? Look where this idea came from, Trudeau the idiot. Really want to go down this rabbit hole? The negatives outweigh the positives, only govt profits. Why does using pot suddenly become ok when govt says so??? Suddenly trust govt? Get real. Govt indoctrination making all future generations dependent on pot.

  2. How did weed suddenly become the new "snake oil"???? Great if your plan is to weaken society. More $$ made growing weed so greenhouses growing veggies stop growing food.ONLY reason legalized is for Taxation to fund Trudeau's open boarders where the strength of diversity destroys our culture and traditions..

  3. This is the biggest nonsense ever, so the legalization of weed will only make some people happy but it will be taking away humanity right of the people. Now the cops have the right to harass you at all times. Who do you think the will be harassing. The problem with most lawmakers make laws that dont effect them. Open your eyes all the money ends back in the government hands, money from selling, tickets and the court system. They same people who have legalized weed is the same people that will put you on jail…

  4. I honestly was all for this because the government has no right to decide what you put in your own bodies, however I never would've been had I known that you'd force this drug on chronic pain patients, news flash pot does not help everyone's pain it actually ENHANCES one of my painful conditions.
    And its not covered there is a war currently going on with pain patients in this country that are killing themselves due to lack of pain relief. Its disgusting, better off going to a dealer than a doctor nowadays. Makes me sick to know the doctors get paid for my suffering.
    They also hold things like mental illness against you to not prescribe. If you were ever sexually abused as a child? LIE WHEN THEY ASK YOU.
    Do a story on that and horrific bogus pain clinics favouring the elderly, only offering pot, nasids and anti depressants for pain when you're young.
    Do a video on the discrimination we're facing.
    We need a class action lawsuit against junkies who sued doctors, the cowardly doctors themselves, the media for skewed opiate statistics, its street drugs killing people not prescriptions!
    And I'm SICK of hearing about pot.
    Let me give you tmj, pinched nerve and chronic migraines and see how well your dope helps.

  5. Better make sure they have all the best stuff,almost nobody want outdoor grow bunk,plus the fending machine in more then just LCBO kind of thing,the LCBO already sucks,its just the only place to buy booze,without it being way over priced that grocery store thing really bites.

  6. It is not legalization!
    The government just took a piece of the pie and will now be the biggest drug dealer in the world!
    And while at it; the government will penalize users more than ever.
    With DUI and first time offences that will cripple lives.
    Trudeau lied!
    Liberal government for you.

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