Cannabis Cultivation #63: Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Reservoir Change

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  1. Umm did you let the water sit over night or for a few hours, or aerate the water at the very least? The additives in the city drinking water like the chlorine will damage the enzyme activity or stop it. It will also change your PH through the chlorine off-gas process.

  2. These guys arent Trailer park far from it. great vid so organic so original. they didnt have to show us all this work. accurate reading accurate feeding thats Big Twan 8izEnuff.his song My Mic is tagged on the wall wow this is ill. Him and Big L! general hydro was the first 3part hydroponic nutrients made original work. I would love to, have Tweez an Jay as my caregivers Bless you guys keep teaching us Jay.

  3. wow just came across this good ass video. Listen close everybody. hes droppin facts. Even tho I would suggest adding the silicate first. Even before cal mag. It dramatically raises the ph and can also cause lock out. Great video guys

  4. one more question ?when we flush using flood and drain system ,how long should water be in tray before it's drained out? mines sit for 5 min before it drained..

  5. you over working self,, Nice grow in lik pots ,, how about getting a small pump like in mega garden,, get some quarter inch or what size fits pump,, clean tube or big 30 50G tote sort sortout your water say 6 megas 6G per 36g of water do math for nutes PH per mega x 6 less 1 test ph .. Remember The dripper on the pump and or a manifold for drip,, Nice go,,, Try RECHARGE AND MOLASSES, AND you be ok,, less is nice ,, at end of grow less flush of all that stuff

  6. You know that little channel on the side of the rez is for the cord right? The rez access lid you cut into is just for checking conditions / adding or removing fresh mix.

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