Cannabis Legalisation & Control | RNZ & PMN Debate

The RNZ & PMN Debate on Cannabis Legislation & Control Debate. Hosted by Māni Dunlop. Our guests are: Emmaline Pickering-Martin – a teacher, writer, …

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  1. So in other words, nothing we say matters..passing it is so so so stupid, I've worked with people who lost their mind after lunch stupid are you all if you vote for this…I've lived with an ex drug user..and all the crap that goes with that..drugs are no respecter of persons, it's your stupid decisions that cause you to get into trouble..

  2. Great debate, good answers, rubbish answers, honest opinions, rubbish opinions, Fact is marijuana here, every bloody where, i did not here a good enough reason or answer to stay with this stupid law, some people still walk around with there eyes and ears closed, reality is, what are we going to do, stay as we are, or move forward, because right now 2020, nothing working cheers

  3. also some of the most successful people are smoking weed. and guys if ur kids are smoking weed it ur fault not the governments fault if it gets legalized . its called bad parenting. weed is around us every where. i do agree some people cant handle the afects of weed and u that smoke and let the rest of us down is shameful.

  4. Why not say 94 and 92% respectively did NOT report negative effects rather than 6 and 8% did. Or should we say something like only 6 to 8% of people who drink and drive actually kill someone whilst under the influence???

  5. ana this will help the people already stuck in it to not get sent to jail straight away …. OMG i know cause i was 19 and the cops picked on me cause i was maori they could of let me off but they wanted to play games with me lol and take me to the jail if you vote yes they would let me free next time i get caught lol honestly dont be so blind or insecure …. plz

  6. Einstein says; doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is madness. In terms of marijuana control NZ has been doing the same thing for 50 years with no curb on numbers of people using it. To carry on doing what we've been doing is utterly nonsensical. Come on Aotearoa we're better and smarter than this. Vote yes on referendum.

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