Cannabis Stocks Explode with Legalization in Canada 56 Days Away

Cannabis Stocks Explode with Legalization in Canada 56 Days Away – RICH TV LIVE – August 21, 2018 – #richtvlive #stocks #news – Today I look at the top …

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  2. Love the countdown format bro. I sold a bunch of positions today given they were all above the upper bollinger band… will buy them all back if there is another short term dip. Otherwise, I’ll add to my winners.

  3. Rich can you answer a question for me do you think that Coronas group will come back down I messed up and sold out this morning when it was dropping and hoping to go back in when the price starts back up so I could hopefully accumulate a few more shares but it stayed above $8 all day and I went out at 7 78

  4. Citron research are crazy! Short attackers , super mallicious. The price increase has nothing to do with what citron is saying, and just about big revenues imho. N people wanting to be a long for the ride with the cbd revenue leader imho. Im not buying cvsi either. I might buy more isol though maybe get myself up to 2000 shares, i dont gave a shat about the reverse split, it is what it is. But i really love there revenues, and think they will do awesome in 2019 tbh. MMen is a double edged sword for me to buy i really wanna buy, those revenues are slick, but i hate the fact they pay soo much to the ceos when they havent been running for 10-20 years and dont deserve crazy compensations yet. But i also feel like mmen could very well hit $20-25 this year. just based on hype+ awesome revenues. They will do good with chronos in canada as well in 2019. They will hit 200m revenues in 2019 im pretty sure on that. Maybe even 400-500m.

  5. Picked up more ACB shares at 8.23 today, lowering my average from 9.23 to 8.32. So slightly in the red at the moment (could have bought a little lower but didn't want to miss the boat). I figure we will have some good ACB-related news anytime soon. Just my gut feeling, especially after the recent interview with Cam Battley on Midas Letter.

  6. What’s up Rich, so I’ve been using Ally Invest app to purchase my current MJ stocks which I have been. Unfortunately they do not allow you to purchase any foreign stocks freely or penny stocks unless is above .01 a share, where can I freely purchase any stock at my own will regardless of whether its foreign or within the United States for whatever price it’s listed as? What do you recommend on that?

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