Cure or Hype? An inside look at Cannabis COVID-19 research

Researchers believe lab grown Cannabis can be highly effective against COVID-19 . As researchers continue to look for a cure for COVID-19, a polarizing …

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  1. I came here only to tell you all that my symptoms were cured by only using THC carts/exercise without prescription drugs. It made me feel better and I’m now healthy as before.

    I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just sharing my experience and I hope this can help save vulnerable life’s.

  2. It makes me so sad how few people know about good reliable dry herb vaporizers like the Arizer Solo and Mighty. If you want a clean way to get all the medicinal compounds in cannabis without dealing in harmful smoke, a digital vaporizer is the way to go. It’s safer and more efficient!

    Smoking destroys all the good stuff in cannabis. It’s been proven that weed is full of therapeutic terpenes and that combustion destroys them before they can be absorbed into your lungs.

    Every study I’ve seen confirms that the whole cannabis plant works better than just concentrated extracts. Dry herb vapes can be dialed in to the precise temperature needed for full extraction without burning and wasting your medicine.

  3. I have covid and i am 32 i have been smoking bud since i was 15 and honestly i think its wats helping me out the most me and my sis in law got it at the same time she doesent smoke i do shes doing really bad and i am not that bad i do feel like crap but bot as bad as her

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