Docs Afraid to Prescribe Life-Saving Medical Pot, Even Though It Won't Get Patients High

Three-year-old Dahlia Barnhart was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last June. Her mother, Moriah Barnhart, immersed herself in research …

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  1. Calling it "medical pot" instead of "medical marijuana" kind of says it all.  Pot, and pot heads, are all about the high.  Too much "I need medical weed, maan" abuses of the system.  I WISH upon a star that the medicinal quality of marijuana could be extracted and put in a pill with none of the "high" effects… just to shut you fuckers up about "medical pot".  Even if medical marijuana were legal, you sure as fuck shouldnt have a 2 year prescription just to aid the ocassional headache.

  2. "What! CBD! Give her perfectly safe Morphine, Codine, Oxi, etc. That is far safer that CBD. Why don't you give her Heroine while you're at it?" Regulation is idiotic and always will be, which is why we need a war on regulation, not drugs.

  3. You can get CBD on Amazon now. It comes from hemp, not pot, and is represented as legal in the US. One of the companies that sell it is the the black dudes' talking in this video.

  4. Thank you for sharing the truth about this incredible plant.  So many people could be helped by using cannabis.  The government has known that it reduces cancer, since the 70's. and doesn't allow research into it's medical value, because of corruption and greed.  They even try to tell us that it has no medical use. They are lying!

    Watch the CNN special:  'Weed.' 

  5. one thing to mention, CBD does NOT counter the effects of THC. in fact, it can often enhance them and transform them. Legitimate growers ARE concentrating on raising cbd levels, especially those who grow for the medicinal market

  6. The chemistry occurring here could be the stepping stone to much greater implications. It is able to reduce intense pain without a psychotropic effect unlike the current mainstream opiates(morphine, hydrocodone, valium) while also significantly the chance on addiction since there is no mind-altering effects. It could also be used fight current addictions to prescription meds since CBT reduces the effect THC which behaves in a similar way to other hard drugs by starting a serotonin/dopamine cascade. Far safer than methadone which has been recently clinically proven to do more harm than good in most patients.
    This extract with further refinement and study could provide us a way to control pain and addiction in ways far greater than ever before.
    Who ever accomplishes this and their respective country would be at a significant advantage.

  7. The cruelty of the government is virtualy unlimited.. In my more naieve moments, I still hold out hope that a huge groudswell of support for our freedom to do what we will with our own bodies will win the day. But the power of large pharm is a difficult hurdle when they see no profit in it and in fact see the wide spread home cultivation of pot as an all out assault on their power and profitability. An honest congress can cure all that. That's where my naievity steps in.

  8. CBD- a known medical Tx and not used to get HIGH~glad this little girl is getting treated but their are PLENTY of other kids needing the same extract.
    And how we can use for conditions such AS PAIN
    but they will give out SUBOXENE or METHADONE-
    all used in Tx for not only addiction but PAIN~and REALLY unhealthy!
    And God forbid we are HEALTHY or not addicted/controlled by the FDA; AMA or ALL THE OTHERS (dope-dealing DOCTORS).
    I am far from naive enough to believe everyone on MEDICAL MARIJUANA is only using it for medicinal purposes.
    Not that i give a HOOT who is getting HIGH on POT & would rather my kid smoke pot then drink alcohol.
    i just need my own medical needs addressed & DON'T want their APPROVED narcotics!

  9. its pretty ironic that they are afraid to prescribe pot but have no problem giving you a plethora of man made medicines that have nasty side effects including the potential to kill you. Hundreds of thousands die each year due to man made medicines and nobody has ever died from pot.

  10. Clearly this mother and child are dangerous and need to be locked up by the glorious government.

    If one child is having it's life saved by CBT that means there is a stoner out there getting high on THC. Needless to say we need to pick the lesser evil, there are plenty of children being born every day if one or two die that's life but having someone out there high on pot is Unforgivable!

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