1. is there a cure for type 1 diabetes.I've been taking shot for 30 years and it seem like my body is fighting against the MED's.. .. and now I stay full all the time.. is the answer in the book

  2. I received the other copy and information on page 101 was not on my copy it was a blank page.. But it is on the one you sent..Also I was looking for a heading saying fibroids and endometriosis like it was for menapause but as you mention the information covers all of those conditions under section three #11. So now i have the information as to what things to take to help improve the conditions. I am really enjoying the book. Thank you for taking the time to respond and resend the information.

  3. Hi i just received the book by means of download. And as i was looking in the section for Fibroids and Endometriosis i didn't see any information on it. And thats the main reason i purchased the book because i need information on these conditions. Am i missing it or is it missing.

  4. Thank you for putting this book out! I just bought the download on my iPhone 7. Couldn't use Safari had to use Chrome. Got the book, then deleted chrome. Now the book is gone! Do you or anyone else know what happens to the book? is it still on a website for me? Do I have to buy it again? I was hoping I could put it on iBooks.

  5. And on alcohol you better make sure it's not being sourced from gmo crops. Budweiser and such all have gmo and propylene glycol. Please do not drink this crap. Kombucha homemade would be a better choice. Trace alcohol

  6. I'm not entirely convinced that hair loss is genetic I was losing my hair had some parking spots if you will and after switching to an organic diet and taking care of myself my hair started growing back and I have a full head of hair now. Pretty sure if the majority of your food contains glyphosate and tons of genetically modified garbage and pesticides you may start to lose your hair.

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