Epic Setback In Marijuana Legalization Movement

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) discusses a recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court which states that you can be fired by your employer if you …

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  1. Actually, THC only stays in the body for a few hours. Urinalysis looks for a non-psychoactive metabolite of THC that is dissolved in fat stores and slowly leeches out over a number of days or weeks.

  2. The reason why only states are legalizing it and not the god damn Feds is for 1 reason and 1 reason only, it's a well disguised criminal trap. That's why employers are still web fire your ass and employers are a complete immune to being taken to court. It's all a conspiracy to make the people think they're getting what they want.

  3. I am sick and tired of people getting arrested, going to prison, and coming out doing worse thins than they ever would have done while they were high before they went to jail. It's like, "oh I smoked a joint, guess now the law hates me and thinks I am going to kill and rape everybody now." I have smoked a lot of weed with a lot of people and have never seen them or me steal and kill or rape because of it. Maybe laugh my ass off at stupid shit, but why the fuck do people want to put me in jail for it? You are not going to break the law because you got high that is a ridiculous notion. If you are going to do something like that when you smoke weed, you would have done it anyway.

  4. Cenk, you should check out the situation in Ohio right now. A marijuana monopoly amendment is being proposed and about to make it to the ballot. Blatant power grab. 

    And it's deep… sex scandals, bullying at "public" summits caught on video, and a shill-storm on social media. Check out our videos… they'll be surprising.

  5. This is just fucking stupid…ppl need to just accept that Medical Marijuana is medicine…. medicine that many need…including CHILDREN…ppl need to get their head out if their asses and stop this stupid shit…worse things are going on in this world than worrying about POT…Lets all have everyone who works stop drinking beer….hmmmm???

  6. 99% of the time Cenk is a complete idiot, but "every dog has his day", and Cenk finally gets one topic right. There is not one documented death related to marijuana, so how is a quadriplegic any more dangerous on pot than he is tithing in pain, untreated? The answer is: He's not! If he is working as a quad he probably deserves to be left alone. I'm switching to DirecTV right now!

  7. Dish Network has the right, and Colorado seems to agree, but that doesn't mean Dish Network had to do this.  The guy wasn't a dope head, he was just trying to be a productive member of society.  Now he will probably go on disability welfare.

    On a personal note, I think Dish Network is one of the crappiest places to work in Colorado.  The owner is an old fart that expects every single employee to be in at exactly 9AM, no matter what your job function.  You have to go thru a turnstile when you enter and exit the building, to keep track of your work time.  The people there are not the brightest either.

    I think this guy should go to the Supreme Court, since Colorado can't seem to support its own laws.

  8. All you guys complaining do realize we could do something about stuff like this- right? I mean i get a lot of us are already doing what we can concerning the legalization movement but, I mean we could do something about this specific incident. Dish responds to one thing and one thing only- ppl changing over to Direct TV or some other competitor- but you can't just drop Dish you have to let them know why you're doing it. Who is with me? Doesn't matter- I'm doing it tonight- with or without you. This is the way we pot heads protest- we phone it in or send an email. We tried meeting up and marching, you know- all that jive but no one could remember where to meet, or why we were pissed in the first place, then we ran across this killer pizza joint yeah, didn't work out.

  9. Only way his job could know he was using at home is if he came to work and they assumed he was under the influence. He probably told them he smoked it at home, but he came to work high.

  10. Hold on! There statement says "We have zero tolerance when it comes to drugs use even if the drug is state legal" so do they also fire people that take prescription drugs? This statement would seems to indicate they do. I think his lawyers need to attack this from a different angle by showing that they do not fire everyone for using drugs at work.

  11. If you have money, you can smoke weed on a commercial flight and get off scott free. The poor have no rights. It's the American Way, always has been and always will be. The only dummies who don't know it are muricans.

  12. Was just about to sign a contract for Dish network to provide bandwidth for my company. I've distributed this story to my IT guys, the whole department and denied the contract offer.

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