In this video I’m feeding nutrients to a sick cannabis plant. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂 This gardening video is for educational …

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  1. Flush it out with PH 7 water. Even though you have the same soil and feeding, each of those plants are going to need different soil PH so the plant gets what it needs. I am running into this scenario also and it's October 2020. I say to flush it with neutral PH water a few times and they will come back. After the flushes, take a day to do, then feed them again. Good Luck! Only way I have fixed this in the past!

  2. Ppm? PH? Did you do a slurry test to find out if your concentration of nutrients is too high? Could be locked out of on sodium or calcium. Do a slurry test and test for the PPMs in all three plants. I'm going to bet that the green one has a lower PPM concentration because it is absorbing nutrients. The other two are probably locked out and aren't consuming any nutrients and therefore you can water them all you want but they're not going to feed. Since I don't know your whole setup and the process and what you took I'm just throwing things out there maybe it'll spark something in you that will help. I do hope this helps take care happy growing.

  3. I had the same issue with dry amendments. I used coco and that's not recommended for dry amendments and organics. Also threw in some microbes and molasses weekly or bi weekly.

    I think the issue is in letting the medium get too dry. Changes the ph and locks out the nutes. I ran with 2 tbs and topfed regularly enough. Once every 4-5 weeks.

    I think the difference is organics needs a really good environment, and very consistent. But the nature of the animal isn't consistent. And neither is the nature of nature lol. Hard to read. Sorry. But yeah its a diffwrwnt set of skills and can take a while to really lock down if you don't start off with super lucky conditions.

  4. i know this is old but you cannot let your topsoil dry as im sure u know… watch ur video and look at the healthy plant… its canopy is preventing moisture from leaving your topsoil. plus ur rh is a tad low… thats my guess

  5. The difference was probably related to how well the medium was mixed. If not mixed well enough you can get nutrient hot spots or none at all. Buy a cement mixer, put everything in there and mix the shit out of it.

  6. Im a newbie grower too and i have a 4 week old badazz og cheese growing but outta nowhere it started yellowing from the center where it grows. At the same time i have a lemon tree growing only 2 days apart and its looks so much better. They both have black magic fertilizer every 2 weeks. Also noticed the badazz og cheese had all drain holes clogged and only found out when it flooded so i dont know if that can also be a facter. Any pointers?

  7. You never feed is sick plant Nutrients. Straight PH balanced water with whatever treatment you believe the plant needs. Also take the plant away from direct intense light and isolate it from the healthy ones. Keep the same photo period. Personally I would continue low light and water/treatment until signs of improvement in health. Then when new growth and health is improved introduce it back to normal conditions over a 2 or 3 days.

  8. Before i plant my seeds, i mix My soil/perlite mix with some bone meal, not to much but it helpt a lot with root growth in early stages, helps a lot to get your plant going and i noticed that, if you need to flush later on, it reacts a lot better to it

  9. It's a organic root stimulus problem…or it could a chorlyntin deficiency…what you should do is pour two cups of Gatorade green apple and salt with pepper with one half cup of abtract newotorlagin…add 3 cups of ph nitrous oxide peroxide diablo dill pills…

  10. Probably figured out that they were being over fed? With the high temp and low humidity they were sucking up a lot of water, along with tons of nutes. Nute lock. They just needed to be flushed and raising the humidity would help.

  11. Ive got a nitrogen problem.
    I started my plants from seed.
    Put them in a small pot to start, using canna terra pro.
    Transplanted into a 2.5 gal pot with canna terra pro and mixed some worm castings and volcanic rock in the soil.
    Do you think I’ve over done it by adding worm castings and volcanic rock ?
    Ive flushed the pots out but might need to do abit more flushing as i only flushed approx 1.5 gallons through each pot.
    Will my plants bounce back and will the damages leaves repair ?
    Any feed back would be much appreciated,

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