Geraldo Talks Marijuana Legalization With Mason Tvert of MPP

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project — — appeared on Geraldo at Large on the Fox News Channel to discuss MPP’s “New Beer” …

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  1. Then again, I used marijuana to quit alcohol, and then i used marijuana to break the most dangerous drug known to man, a substance so addictive than only a few grams of it will hook some individuals…TOBACCO. Started in 1958, and couldn't for the life of me stop…until I used marijuana. First, it only took a couple of grams a day to get over the initial addiction from two and a half packs to three packs a day habit (= to one and a half ounces to two and a half ounces a day) After I felt sure that I had kicked cigarettes and cigars, I dropped the marijuana easily…maybe a single night of restlessness… and have never gone back. That was in 2002.

  2. You only reason why certain law enforcement people don't want marijuana legal is that they will have the power to throw people in jail so they can make revenue off of the taxpayers jailing marijuana users because there are a lot of privatize prisons American nowadays our own by people that are good friends of the republican party and get rich hand over fist from the taxpayers and the taxpayers are sick and tired of these people leaching off of us.
    If we legalize marijuana we would put the Mexican drug cartel out of business and I would say people from getting killed from them. Mostly the people that don't want marijuana legal in America is Republican Party because they don't believe in individual freedoms to choose and do what they please do as long as they harming anyone else so we stop voting republican we would have a better chance to enjoying freedom.
    If we had a intelligence in America they would regulate marijuana saying they'd all I have so much per month in taxes by the government is not the intelligent the figure it out so it takes American people to stop voting republican to make them understand who is actually in turn this country and is we the people.

  3. To quote the Dr.(that gets a large part of his income from court mandated treatment) "We have a problem!" The real problem is cannabis prohibition! This prohibition has caused far more damage then cannabis use ever could! 

    Those like the good doctor are not about to allow the golden goose of prohibition to be put out of business!  

  4. for the last 6 years ive been getting high from weed every day i moved into my sisters house ( she doesnt wnat it in her house ) and since then havent had any so his addiction argument is stupid

  5. Pot is the well spring of life. Your body needs it after all the tainted fast food, GMO and carcinogens in our food now. The small amounts of endocannabiniods in our system have been overwhelmed by this intoxication of our daily staples and the boost from pot is what we all need.
    So you get a buzz from it. Better that then a death sentence from your doctor.
    When I grow up I want to be a stoner.

  6. That doctor is not confused at all. He is just a paid lying bag of shit trying to boost alcohol and pharmaceutical dependency so he can make his bucks off addicts, drunkards and related deaths.

  7. Keeping marijuana illegal is almost equivalent to water being illegal in "idiocracy" because it would kill brawndos stock. Im not saying marijuana can cure cancer (cough cough Even though hash oil has been proven to) but I am saying it is medicinal and can cure some disorders people have safer, cheaper & more effectively. Besides that the non existent toxicity of the drug & its mild side effects when compared to other legal & illegal drugs make it idiocracy not to legalize it.

  8. News flash, pot is already available on the street, no one ever got cancer from smoking cannabis, in FACT pot smokers have less lung cancer then people that smoke nothing. News flash, cannabis cures cancer. I would much rather deal with a pothead then a drunk, wouldn't mind riding in a car with a stoned driver but wouldn't get near a car with a drunk driver.

  9. "the doctor is correct in everything he says, except for these bullshit lies"

    you should sue the college that taught you how process information logically.


    p.s. we know what weed does to a childs brain. once again, we aren't talking about legalizing pot for kids. get your straw man arguments out of your ass.

    there have been half a dozen studies that prove that any driver under the influence of a joint is a safer driver than anyone over 65. so by your logic, revoke grandmas license.

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