1. I saw her when I smoked marijuana and mixed with my meds, made the psycho active part 10x stronger, I started having psychosis induced hallucinations, I saw a immense blue light with lots of arms, I couldn't see, but I knew it was a woman, and 2 seconds later it went away, and I was convinced I saw god.

  2. Legalize one plant and help 7.5 billion poor people eliminate hunger, homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Medicine costs pennies when you grow your own and would stimulate America’s economy by five trillion annually based on illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs 😎

  3. 21 now, I started smoking when I was 16. It started off as this exciting and adventurous thing to do, we would roll a blunt in my room at 2AM and leave the house while my parents were asleep. We’d go smoke and walk on the golf course talking and laughing, it felt like we were dreaming. These adventures were so fun to me it was the only space I wanted to be in, I started becoming so impatient for the weekends when we’d all get together to smoke. Once I started mixing weed with my daily chores and activities, it lost the magic and became another part of my to-do list. Trying to quit now because it feels like an addiction, I’m just tired of it. Like a good song that got played out. Wish I could relive those first adventures, but that sense of wonderment and novelty is gone.

  4. I got high all day, every day for over 20 years. I stopped cold turkey when I had to have a sinus surgery… I'm over a month clean and sober, no herb, no alcohol, nada…. It has zero impact on my life. My appetite is the same, I still sleep great at night, I still laugh and have a good time… its literally no different. Right now I'm enjoying being sober, but I'll probably go back to the herb at some point. I'm having fun just demonstrating my willpower. I feel bad for people who don't have control over their mind, body, and whatever they might be addicted to. Honestly I was worried at first that I would have anxiety, or wouldn't be able to eat or sleep.. but none of those things have come to be. Even my wife was surprised, she said I'm exactly the same person. Bottom line, we're all individuals.

  5. Hes looking at Joe like I'm a lightweight and we're looking at Joe like Joe is light weight lol that's why we love the Joey and joe mix . Should have at least one mr Miyagi for the herb when talking about it lol

  6. too much thc i have herd its not uncommon to overload your brain part of your body craves more and more as you continue to smoke tolerance then eventually one part says hey wait a min this is too much we dont want it right now puts up defenses then you start freaking out like the world is gonna end. So everyone is different you cant speak for others if you like weed and it helps you enjoy take care but also realize you werent born smoking weed its a choice you do not have to if you don't want to.

    I know a guy who is crippled and he used to tell everybody that their weed was shit and garbage all the time then buy hay with leaf all over it then one day finally after years he says sometimes i get massive headaches from any kind good or bad sometimes your body says to things i dont want it

  7. It’s so damn hard to sleep and be a human after 2 days of not smoking. I’ve been smoking for 4yrs and always told myself “it’s not as bad as crack” or other known drugs but that’s because weed isn’t as known and neither are the long term effects

  8. Graham Hancock!

    Since the very first civilizations in this era, it was named “Persian Gulf” and not the fake name, A-r-a-b-i-a-n Gulf!

    This a matter of knowledge or changing the reality and misleading people?
    As no one esle but a "British" so- called writer makes such a shameful mistake!

  9. Everybody has a different path to follow and it's uplifting to see your success in reaching the next level where your happiness is not dependent on any substance. Once again I learned something from the JRE.

  10. I'm 10 weeks and 2 days so far, having quit both tobacco and weed. but I still live in a house where others smoke and toke. The first few weeks have been very difficult- sweats, trouble sleeping, irritability, all sorts. I'm still getting occasional cravings, but maybe once a week for a few minutes. It was such a normal every day part of my life and I just got bored and wanted to quit but so much of my personal life was built around it.
    Since quitting I have been cycling more than I'd ever think I could, I've started working out almost every day for two weeks, I started a keto diet to lose weight and build muscle, even started running after avoiding that for over fifteen years… Because I had bad knees and feet. But after all the cycling my 1mile run came to 10 minutes. Not bad for a beginner! I'm finding some days harder including today, so I'm resting, but I'll be honest, watching intelligent people talk about quitting is helping my resolve, when almost everyone I know still uses the herb.
    Anyway that's my bit on it… I dunno if I will be capable of respecting Mary enough to flirt with her again, but I have found a lot more to do now, than I would have had time for before I quit. I now see it as an oral fixation that I had to leave behind. Trying to take control of my life and not put all my money up in smoke yeah?

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