Grow your own Cannabis in 50 days – Cultivation progress time lapse

Growing your own cannabis is easy! No need for special lights or air conditioned rooms! – Order seeds that grow easily when you’re a beginner – Water the …

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  1. We all must start somewhere, yes he went wrong as pots to small, no topping or training and a window sill grow is wasting seeds in my world, but I'm certain this grower has learnt from his results if made him happy job done. You allso don't need exspensive nutrients urine that's been left to stand few weeks works great but water it down so not to burn your plants. Hen poo that's aged is another free nutrieant that make your plants grow huge and seaweed all these are available free. Been a grower my self over 30 years and I grow huge buds cheap by learning from my early grows. I'm certain this guy has moved on from his windowsill grow maybe bought one light a small fan and timer and has a grow tent planed. Never give up and lean from other growers who have been down the same path.

  2. Classic.
    One out of three showed up as supposed to.
    As long you have enough of daytime sunlight area at your property,outdoor or greenhouse growing can be easy.
    Depends on your closest neighbors.
    As long you can provide plants with 12h of sunlight and plus then you will have no problems grow at least auto then autofemin and maybe femin depends.
    I've seen some examples of growing outside and went quite well.
    Right soil plus fertilizer can make from any windowsill plant good harvest

  3. Medically speaking.The research that I've seen says that cannabis is not physically addictive. Not like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, or opioids, all of which have distinct withdrawal symptoms. Cannabis use is fun and makes people feel good, though. Some people have a difficult time establishing appropriate boundaries with anything that makes them feel good. It's disingenuous to imply that cannabis is addictive.  Medically speaking there are NO physical addictive properties to cannabis, however, a small % of ppl can become dependent, and its mostly psychological, but the type of ppl that freak out at little things,(you know the type) can psych themselves into feeling actual physical symptoms. Most chronic users have some degree of difficulty sleeping for the first couple weeks or so, but not "true '' withdrawal" symptoms compared to alcohol,nicotine or amphetamine or narcotic which cause a true physical addiction and can be dangerous stopping suddenly on their own. Not so much w. cannabis. Just a little discomfort and yearn, quite different than barfing, seizures, hallucinations etc that other drugs have on the CNS. It's not a lie, it's like when you quit drinking coffee, ppl don't associate coffee as being addictive, but you stop and day 3 you WILL have a headache. Should we now then say coffee is addictive too !!!  ALcohol is liver toxic. I lost 2 friends 2 relations from drinking. Herb is KING

  4. I grow it in my backyard in the uk. Grows a bit slower when the temperature is less than 20 degrees but still grows. You can’t beat the natural light of sunlight. Just put it in the ground and leave it.

  5. I'm a novice grower (1st time) with a simple, and probably ignorant question. How do you get buds in 50 days when the seed dispensaries say that it takes 8 weeks to reach flower stage? In other words, how do you speed up the growing and bud production?

  6. I figured out that it’s quite sunny we’re I live plus I don’t have the proper lighting for the weed plant so it got leggy so I just put it by my window with only a fan running on it 😀

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