Growing Cannabis 🌱 in Northern Ontario Canada 🍁

I’m VERY happy that I grow my plants in 5 gallon buckets for many reasons❣️ ***Frost Advisory Issued at 3:35pm for Northern Ontario, Canada*** Nutrients I …

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  1. I also grow in northern Ontario and I've found the 5gallon bucket is the way to go! I like to bring mine in and out of the garage for cold nights but thats just me, this is my 6th year growing now went from southern Ontario for a majority of my life and moved to northern Ontario about 4 years ago and love it lol great looking plants!!!! Happy growing!

  2. Your grow is looking amazing brother and size dosent change the potency and if Ur growing for personal the yeald Ur going to get is perfectly on point in my eyes brother 👊😁🔥☁️☁️☁️ keep up the great work mate

  3. One degree above freezing this morning in Western Massachusetts. Have visible frost on all my top colas, they didn’t predict it to get that cold so I didn’t bother to cover them. I hope they make it, waiting for it to thaw out to inspect the damage.

  4. you have set the goal for me , I think your plants are as perfect as they can possibly be, I am growing plants for the first time and now I know how ideal plants should look, thank you "Sensei"

  5. When you live in these colder climates like thare and here in Maine were lucky to get a soild 5 months for a season.Quality over qunity all the way my friend.I enjoy your videos because your battles the same environmental battles I have.I grow in buckets and in totes,never know when you’ll have to finsh indoors.Look forward to your next video!!!

  6. Keep doing what you are doing bro and don't listen to these people here in California and Colorado.wild fire and smoke doing a bad disaster in California and Colorado get snow disaster so if they was doing like you they wouldn't have that problem so sad…I love these plants.. .blessing👍

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