Growing Cannabis Indoors | Hydroponic DWC Plants

Here’s a sneak peak at my indoor grow via DWC and also how I defoliate my plants. Nutrients I use to grow indoors: ✋ ❤️☮️🤚: – Weeks 1-8 of flowering …

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  1. Aloha james from Hawaii🤙🏾🤙🏾 I had a quick question? Have you ever tried, or done, or seen any auto strains grown outdoors in Canada?. Without lights? Thanks again 🤙🏾 JAMES Aloha

  2. If you still have budrot issues, sometimes if you bend down and snap off the fanleaf, instead of cutting it off, it can prevent mold and bacteria from getting started in the plant. might be worth a try. you have a beautiful grow….👍

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