This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Mr. Canucks Grows. Harvest of a really big autoflower plant ( cheese auto ). We discuss harvesting, drying, trimming.

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  1. What ate the chances we could get a breakdown of all the equipment that you use here, light and wattage, fertilizer, ph kit,etc etc? It would be a huge helping hand

  2. I noticed my sugar leaves on a coupe plant starting to yellow and die at the tips… I grow a lot of things and this summer has weed plants and it only happened two and couldn’t find an answer to why… use Alaska fish fert and Alaska Moorebloom and calmag and even though it wasn’t geared to theses more chili plants I’m sure it had enough nutrients… we did have a couple high heat waves in Colorado causing some leaf curl and it was the phenos that had the worst curls…(trying to give as much info to help you if you can) my question was I harvested before 10% Amber tricomes to avoid the death of the leaf to affect the bud! What would you have done and or would the leaf have effected the bud as they were the ones growing out of in between the buds!

  3. Dude. Youre hands down my favorite grower on YouTube. So friendly and so caring for your plants. Spreading good knowledge in a form thats simple for us simpler folk to grasp. You are the man! Thanks a ton for the info and for continuing to better this craft. Keep on going my dude!

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