How to Clone Cannabis Plants (100% SUCCESS RATE!)

Cloning Cannabis can be done in many ways, but there are some methods that produce quicker, more vigorous results than others. One of those cloning …

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  1. He's waisting money/defeating the purpose and let me explain why….great white is mycorrhizals. They are bacteria and fungi. That will kill pathogens in the water…all good and well…but he's also using clear rez…which is hypochlorous acid…which is a bleach byproduct that kills everything in the water. Good and bad bacteria and fungi. So he's defeating the purpose. Go with one or the other but don't do both. Also all those cloning gels are not necessary . they will just get washed off immediately in to the water. It's more important to just add a brand like hormex directly in the water and let it spray on.

  2. I noticed something odd about the clones rooted this way. They are weaker than the ones produced in a solid substrate. Even if the roots are lush and huge, after being transplanted into coco or moss the plants' vigor is just not quite comparable to the traditional way. What am I doing wrong? Anyone? Thanks!

  3. My grandmother loved me!!! She willed me all her oxygen tanks and machines!!! I just use her oxygen and alahambra DRINKING WATER. The pool room has climate control and the floor is heated. So yeah kinda making use of a spoiled situation….

  4. With a brand new clone, do you run cloner constantly? I've heard 1min on 5 min off. Is that after you get roots? Thx! I want to use aeroponics through the whole cycle. Will go into 5g aeroponic bucket after cloner.

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