How to Clone Mother Cannabis Plants

Here is a quick video detailing how we clone our mother plants in our lab at CanGenX Biotech. Like and subscribe if want more pro tips or just if you enjoyed this …

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  1. It seems the camera operator is more knowledgeable about the process and would have made a much more informative video. It's a shame this "Megan" creature was chosen for aesthetics rather than prioritizing content- judging by the comments it suited the knuckle dragging crowd just fine but some of us would have preferred a chubby pale talented human being on camera. Also is it truly worth it to cut off 50% of the photosynthetic area just to minimize fungal concerns? Have you had repeat issues in the lab or, well that sounds likely, but perhaps you havent seen a decrease in propagation success rate with this method so it's become SOP after a few run ins? It would be neat to compare notes and learn – oh. Forgot which channel I was referring to there for a second. Quick. Blend in.

    "All I heard was clone, I'd like to clone her, da-hurr"

    "Yeah Megan something something unrelated and sexual yeah"

    Well done ladies.

  2. Okay…What was the video about? I paid absolutely NO attention to MOST of the girls in this video.
    …and don't get me started on ROOT STIMULANTS!!
    Mine has been well and truly stimulated!! 🤪

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