[How To] Grow Cannabis the Easy Way in 2020

Discover how to grow with Grobo. Chief Horticulturist Stephen runs through two full grows with Grobo’s. Watch and experience what it’s like to get the full Grobo …

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  1. Hey guys don’t let this comment go unseen by Steven, like if you can. I have a comment that’s at 46+ likes because I called him jimmy neutron. And want him to know it’s a light hearted joke because the hair and the grow boxes remind me of a science project. He seems like a nice guy just doing his job and I even think his hair would look even cooler with some color. I would vote a green color.. because weed and green hawks are dope. Love- The mean guy who called him jimmy neutron

  2. At 15:03 there are pollen sacks… did you notice this throughout the plant? Were there any seeds? What could have stressed the plant to be giving off ethylene toward the end? Can this be adjusted for with the grobo?

  3. That plant was really kinda pathetic and the system is way expensive. I've built auto hydroponic systems that grow multiple plants for under $400.00 AND the plants were/are huge. Good idea but small return for high cost.

  4. I’m thinking of buying one but I heard the seals go bad and they fall off and the box is not good at containing the smell.does any one have a unit that can give me some info on it would suck to buy one and it does not meet my expectations they are Quite expensive.thank you

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