How to grow weed in China, legally

Cannabis is fast becoming the world’s newest cash crop. In southwest China’s Yunnan province, farmers make more money growing and selling the plant than …

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  1. Dude, this guys dont know much thing about grow cannabis. No one serious should drys cannabis in the middle of the sun, no one should have that kind of "grass" they did, if u dry and cure in the right way this will preserve more cbd and u have a better quality of the final product.And I hope they grow only female plants, this wasnt clear in the video. I really like china in technology and geopolitical ambitions but growing weed, for now, its not a thing that they do good

  2. Yeah since the CCP is already selling meth, fentanyl, MDMA and Every kind of drugs on a massive scale, they could at least make the effort of Also exporting good weed

  3. 我来自云南 im from yunnan, weed is illegal here but not even the ccp can stop nature, it grows naturally on the mountains, its not cali weed but it still can get you high.

  4. They have about 140 000 acres of hemp in the us and Austria has 2000, didn't know Austria has that much hemp in comparison. The population of the US is 41 000 times larger, Hemp production only 70, not gonna lie that's pretty impressive.

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