How to Infuse Cannabis At HOME – Oils, Lotions, Teas, Honey & More

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  1. the Nova is JUNK! the company is Horrible! the Nova is DEFECTIVE! it does not shut off, over heats, litterlly bust apart and ruins your herb! i have had 2 of them, BOTH of them did not shut off even when i pushed the button, had to unplug it, BOTH units actually BUSTED APART! Ardent is HORRIBLE, they make you pay to reship the busted Nova, then they refubish and resell them! now they want me to pay reship again, and exchange it! why on earth would i want a 3rd one? both of mine were only a few months old & both of them had only been used a hand full of times!!! also they do NOT let customers leave reviews unless they sensor them, you have to email it to them! do NOT do business w/ them, because they DON'T CARE! they don't care that they have a defective uint, they don't care if you ruin your medicine, they don't care if your house burns down…all they care about is $$$$$$$! there are lots of bad reviews on Amazon all the same problems, not shutting off, BUSTING APART, not to mention it burns your herb! Ardent is SHADY! their customer service is HORRIBLE! they IGNOR your questions/ give you double talk & then they LIE to you! you might as well BURN your $250.00!

  2. First, so impressed with all the studying and work you've done on your product- I eagerly await my FX! Question: have you infused cannabis into Jojoba oil, and with what efficacy? This is for topical oils, obviously. I have yet to find anything anywhere regarding it. I realize jojoba is technically a liquid wax…I appreciate and respect any input you may provide. Thanks!

  3. The oils mentioned all maintain liquidity at room temperature, it seems. I use shortening for a cookie recipe, and I've been infusing decarbed weed into melted Crisco using cheesecloth and low heat for an hour in a sauce pan. Will the infusion process keep the melted shortening warm enough to remain liquid? Also, with the $210 model, what volume of oil can I infuse at one time?

  4. What is the maximum strength (% thc) that oils can absorb? I put the infused oil into capsules and would like to reduce the size and/or number of capsules that I take. Currently I am putting 1g of approximately 20% cannabis into 1 tbsp coconut oil.

  5. WARNING DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE!! They do not stand behind their product one bit, they haven't for me and as has been shown and proven to me, they will not help you at all, they will string you along and blame you. If you go on facebook and look at the posts people have left, it proves my point!

  6. I just bought a nova and just wanted to say how great I think it is. But I have a question:

    When infusing with mct oil I use a boro glass beaker (50ml tiny thing) straight in the nova, but I use the silicone sleeve between the beaker and metal pot.

    When infusing should you put your glass container straight onto the metal inner pot or, as I did, use the silicone sleeve? Does it affect the level or effectiveness of the infusion doing it this way? (worried about the sleeve and the boro glass beaker having a double insulation effect). Hope that makes sence.

    Many thanks. B.

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