INDOOR CANNABIS GROW At HOME ‼️ I GOT SPIDER MITES In Todays Indoor weed update I am soooooo sad to report I got Spider Mites! Although this is a …

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  1. Also for filming you may want to try using a qb type led. Spiderfarmer geeklight meijiu etc. They all use natural looking light. And film great! Just fyi. If ask they may even send you one if you mention in video afterwords or do review.

  2. Maybe I haven't been paying attention… But as a woman that has been interested in growing for over 10 years (only one harvest, tho) it is awesome to see a woman growing cannabis on yt!! Subscribed!!

  3. I use lemon juice chilli infused garlic oil the hottest sauce you can find and and then spray them one at a time testers but that's what works for me they hate it Neem oil is good but I think it's toxic ???

  4. Is the dish soap spray what you used at the time of this video? Does azamax leave an oily residue or cause light sensitivity? I have over 200 succulents indoors under lights. Scared to use Azamax cuz I’m worried it’ll leave an oily residue that’ll stick around awhile and fry my leaves . Succulents are so sensitive. Thanks know they’re different than weed . But weed growers seem to have more experience with mites and things to try for them . Thanks ! Great video 😊

  5. I just did an iso/water spray, for 3 weeks iv'e been battling them, each time i wipe them out, they come back twice as bad. so then i use a whole bottle of iso, whatever it takes. Can't flower until they're gone, otherwise bad things happen in flower.

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