It’s day 63 in the indoor flowering cannabis garden. Buds are huge. We explore things that cause stunted growth in plants, baking soil to remove gnats and other …

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  1. Can you do a vid strictly on feeding. Walking thru the entire process I.e mixing products,adding supplemental products when needed. I have trouble with this. Like “reading the plant” and being ahead of the curve?

  2. Bro help .. I have a 2x4x5 .. with a 600w viparspectra .. when should I flip to flower .. they say I need ,24" distance 😪.. my first grow and I guess I have to master super cropping.. 600w LED

  3. Bro you look younger with a beard not older I thought this was like your son or something taken over the videos for you you look like a respectable skater punk in the most responsible use of those words LOL but you do have the best looking plants on YouTube and by the way your buds look I would say probably one of the biggest yielders on here as well keep it up man

  4. Your explanation for phenotype was vague and misleading.. Like for instance. You get AK-47 femenized seeds. Theres not going to be an assortment of phenotypes. But all it really is are the characteristics taken from the genetics. There are other characteristics taken on by plants from the grower and the light and the enviorments…

    But those are not phenotype differences. You'll see alot of phenotypes in land races that interbreed for a long time with one another. But nice plants man. Ypu got good genetics.

  5. Soo..what IF you aint got it like that with fancy lights and expensive or hard to get liquids. Is it still possible to have a good harvest with home made teas, sunlight and water? I would think so since it is s plant that grew wild. So I assume you could but wouldn't be as potent?

  6. Hello, I just started growing for my wife she loves her medicine. Anyways my question or concerns are, I think I may have topped the plants to early (greedy) or to eager possibly. I have plants with approximately 21 or more bud sites on them I've trimmed them often, (possibly to often) I have the shoots tied down kinda like a supper crop. Yet the main fan leaves are pretty small, bout half hand size, and they don't seem to be growing. Did I stress them with to much topping and trimming? They are about 8 weeks in veg, should I just put em to flower at this point and hope for the best?

  7. All my top nugs are pissy single popcorn buds…. i always use coco, only top once after 4-5 node veg….Is it heat stress my ventilation is poor as it's a cupboard …light on 25 celsius light off 16c…..any info please..?

  8. You didn't tell them that that was autoflowers that you were 16 and you did not tell them that when you get hybrids it may take traits from both sides. That is the difference in them. But hey everybody skips telling people things

  9. Greetings Grateful Grower and thank you for ALL the info that you provide!! Question: I'm a new grower and I don't understand when/how the plant goes into "flower"? Is this process driven by time, temperature, light or a combination of things? Is there something I could read that would clear this up? Thank you!

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