Is CBD Oil Just Snake Oil? | Pt 1: Anxiety

Many claim that CBD cures or reduces anxiety, and here I examine the lines of evidence used to support this view. Personal anecdotes aren’t good enough …

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  1. I only use Dr. Hemp Me 10% CBD oil for anxiety and it works amazingly well. One thing to remember when trying CBD oil for anxiety is CBD is biphasic meaning, low doses and high doses provide completely different effects. Always start low with CBD as too much may actually exacerbate the condition.

  2. Excellent work — especially on the practical issues. I do, however, think you are underselling the public speaking tests. I was struck by the one study that had a group taking Valium. In that study, CBD reduced anxiety by roughly the same amount. That's potentially revolutionary considering how quickly the body builds a tolerance to benzodiazepines. As a result of this, I think the case for further studies is even stronger (especially long-term studies to look at the effect of continued use of CBD). As it is, I'm very excited to see what science is done about this in the coming years. Thanks for bringing my attention to it! (Also: there were some pretty funny lines in the video.)

  3. Lol I meed all the rest of the plant not just the cbd… Lol making cookies atm. I do a slow long boil cuz I like the dank flavor. Lol and rhen I even mix the strained nuggets into one cookie at the end just to get alllllll that love. Mmm. Cheers. Respect. And your right. The bull shit needs to stop over cbd snake oil. It works on some thibgs within the brain not firing off right. But just regual weed wpuld have done the same thing with even more health benefits

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