Is The Decriminalization Of Marijuana Worth It? LEO Round Table S05E40b

01:08 LEO’s opinion of the decriminalization of marijuana LEO Round Table (law enforcement talk show) Season 5, Episode 40b (1292) filmed on 10/05/2020 …

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  1. Pot is a vice worse than tobacco and better than alcohol. To me it is about the person in the mirror and self control. I don't know what good LE can do. (BTW dude who was talking about "sparking up a fatty" sounds like he's speaking from experience) I know cops who imbibe from time to time when they don't expect any wiz quiz

  2. Thanks. Learn tons from legal people perspectives

    Nixon betrayed with un drug wars though

    Mary j these days is many more times stronger than it use to be.

    The best high is exercise and nutrition. But not everyone can exercise. Ever look into pain pill addiction? Very complicated

  3. I've pretty much shut up about MJ. People want to believe what they want to believe. Juvenile delinquents worship it like a God. It deprives people of drive and is the gateway for mental illness among at least some subsets of teenagers. Yet I am reviled for saying such.

  4. There won't be the high crime related to Pot gangs if it was legalized. I agree with Ward that it is pot madness that drives the uneducated. Anyone that believe that pot should be a schedule 1 drug loses all credibility to me. Same argument could be used for booze being a gateway drug.  
    The one thing I didn't hear is any comment about using the presence of pot or pot smell as justification for searches of cars. Go down to a retirement community in Florida and put your sniffer out on a typical afternoon, especially around the golf courses. This is no longer your grand kids preference…

  5. It should be legalized but only in the setting of discrete consumption, I used to pump concrete for a living anytime that we would go to a job site that was at a school I would not smoke cigarettes anywhere on the job site for fear that I would be giving some child the impression that it was "cool" knowing that it is anything but. Marijuana should be treated in the same respect should never be consumed in front of children around children within a hundred yards of children. There should be an age limit, and stiff penalties for anybody breaking the laws imbibing marijuana in any way shape or form in the presence of a child or within a hundred yards of a school daycare or any other facility that has children present. Anybody caught selling marijuana to a minor should be thrown under the jail. It should be legal but it should also only be used in private. Those are my opinions on this subject of legalizing marijuana

  6. I've always said no good will come out of decriminalization but no good ever came out of criminalization. I do believe criminalization has been at least partially responsible for the "gateway drug" thing and other arguments against.

    Much like alcohol.

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