Jay-Z Joins Cannabis Company As Chief Brand Strategist

High-five? Jay-Z is getting into the legal weed business. The hip-hop mogul will join Caliva as its chief brand strategist, the company announced on its website.

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  1. Nipsey's stolen idea. What's up Jay Z, Did you help trigger the assassination? First Nipsey's music on Tidal, the meeting cancelled with LAPD, by the way, news dropped by Jay Roc of Roc Nation. The Auction on Nipsey's painting, your new smart store now his Cannibas idea too? Was it a Masonic hit with Cointel pro? You are looking mighty suspicious Jay Z!!! Jealousy is being exposed, I guess there couldn't be two kings, huh?

  2. This channel I love but unfortunately have to unsubscribe, darn! I simply don't have the time to sit and read stuff. I have to multi-task and need to LISTEN not READ. Why don't you speak this news?? Please?? I would totally listen all day! lol

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