Kamala Harris Wants to Legalize Weed & Amy Klobuchar’s Temper Is Questioned | The Daily Show

Presidential contender Kamala Harris tells “The Breakfast Club” that she’s smoked pot, and Amy Klobuchar’s 2020 bid is threatened by reports that she abused …

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  1. Harris should be in prison or hell for what she did as prosecutor, holding back evidence that would free an innocent person so she can have a higher prosecution rate? Wtf, she is the worse person in the most evil way

  2. I dont think she is throwing things listen how it sounds. She throwing things at employees and none of them taking here to court none of them filed for harassment. It just come up after the fact and they just saying what she did but none of them tried to fight her Im calling bullshit on this. Let my boss throw something at me it's on so I call that bullshit it seems special hands are at play

  3. well jeez, trump has made (or tried to), sexual predation , lying, cheating (stormy), and nepotism , petty much, common place, so legal weed? please, pick a series pic, all of america smokes weed, which decreases traffic death, domestic violence et al. get real!

  4. Also I think it is important that some powerful platform that reaches so many to address how people should react when someone rips off a woman’s hijab in public. How men and women alike should react and protect/comfort the victim without crossing boundaries, escalating, or putting themselves in danger. Doubt anyone cares but I think it is important to address things like this. I am not Muslim myself (Half Korean) but I’ve asked many people about their opinion on this since events such as this have been increasing recently.

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