Medical Marijuana Cannabis Oil-We Make Expensive Medicine

This video outlines what goes into making quality cannabis oil and what the consumer should look out for when shopping for an oil that is curative in treating …

CBD Essence


  1. I Agree, it's just that my wallet doesn't fit this pricing. Unfortunately, my cancer needs quality medicine, and doesn't care that I'm broke.. I am thankful however that at least it does exist, and in a verifiable strength. A place like King's that is willing to prove their product's worth, is off the chart valuable.

    What is severely missing from this picture, is the the lily pad between this place's checkout stand, and people's insurances (or equivalent funding).

    When someone figures out a way to force the insurances that YOU PAY FOR, to pay up on a claim, regardless of what is, we'll have something here.
    Insurances will cover $1 Million on a Hack/Radiate/Poison treatment, but not for this?
    "That" is what needs to be fixed in this system.
    What I would like to do is provide funding for people like me, who desperately need this, but cannot afford it..not and still pay the mortgage.

    If I live through this, this will be my goal; To make places like King's Harvest filthy rich (if I could make any type of business rich, this would be it), while supplying the needy with the life saving medicine they need for nothing, or very, Very little, and only if they can afford and wish to donate.

    Fix this problem – in ANY manner whatsoever (doesn't have to be "forcing" insurance companies to comply, that will likely never happen) – and then EVERYONE benefits – both companies like King's, AND of course the patients, obviously.
    Even if it's is nothing more than setting aside a tiny percentage of your profits, that way you could help those who qualify by supplying them life, which believe me WILL breed more business (I had never heard of you until a 2nd cancer in my life thew you my way via someone's suggestion)..or, other random donations and money making ways could fund such a program. Whatever works to supply funds to those who need cannabis medicines, but can't afford them, would be fuel to both the healing AND the money making sides of this industry.

    Bottom Line;
    People shouldn't receive less treatment or less care, because they have less "money"..they are equally human, equally deserving of love, and equally deserving of life. Until then it is what it is, so let's change it. "Now".
    Thank you for doing this properly King's Harvest.

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