Medical Marijuana: Lynn Rubenstein Nicholson's Story

This is the first in a series of ads being released in Minnesota, which features patients urging Governor Pawlenty not to veto the medical marijuana bill (S.F. …

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  1. thanks for all your support it makes this journey a lot easier. as of today I've been off the parma meds for 9 months. one of the sweetest things is no omre ua's so i can do as i please. I've lost 200 pounds now, I will never again let them inject me with their horrid drugs, the 'medicine' in them are not even fda approved! I have been abandoned by the medical community because of all this as have so many others in this country. we are being told to go to an on-line pain group for pain management, really, i can only do so much, the group has doubled in size in 8 months .. I cant type now .. they injected me and i have osteoarthritis from it .. arms killing me .. stay strong ~ one love 

  2. steroids were the problem all those non FDA approved trigger point injections! I now refuse all steroids when possible I have lost 200 pounds and only have 30 more to go … yeah!! ps. i have always walked but it didn't help when i was being pumped full of steroids … freedom! MM is the only way to go 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. oh yes and from this add, i have lost 6 pain docs now, live in horrid pain am tested all the time now, no more partaking for me, yet they still try to do invasive procedures but i will not let them, my body is no longer functioning, thanks to all the medical practices deemed safe by he medical board……………..only 40 more pnds to go, yeay

  4. i gained weight, from all the frekin steroids that have been pumped in to me, it is a really great medication, nice side effects too…. even got pneumonia, when i was on steroids and doc vaccinated, omg what have they done to me……..4 years now, i have lost 200 pounds, wont let them pump anything into me ever again!!

  5. thanks for all the support. It's sad so much energy was wasted on my weight. until the drs got ahold of me i was 110pds. steroids are the worst. even though I was in pain for 35 yrs I took tour groups up Mt. Sinai,raised 2 amazing kids(drug free birth) I have always stayed active until my body stopped. Marijuana helps the pain without killing me at the same time.don't we have the right to the best medicine possible ? What the problem?

  6. I wasn't questioning her suffering, I was questioning whether or not there were unhealthy lifestyles leading her to this place. I am very familiar with medicine, and know that quite often the cause of back problems and injuries is obesity due to unhealthy living. But now those questions have been cleared up and that is not an issue in this case.
    I wish some of the information that has since come out was present in the commercial, all of my objections are cleared.

  7. Well if you sacrificed your life protecting my rights, thank you for that. You did an incredible thing, and I highly respect you for that.

    I wish some of the information that has since come out was present in the commercial. Once I saw this story, I immediately questioned the lifestyle that led her to this painful place. Once it was cleared up that this injury was not due to an unhealthy lifestyle, all of my objections were cleared. Thank you for extrapolating.

  8. Therm..tual: You're a real A-hole with no idea what it's like to live in pain having to medicine that would knock you out, you've no idea what it's like too be rolled out of bed because pain that keep you there, you've no idea what it's like to watch people have physical fun in their lives while us in pain can only watch. You are a "Sad" excuse for a human being. Don't come back at me for these comments because I too live in this type of pain gotten while protecting your rights as an American.

  9. You sound like you have 0% brain power when it comes to people and medical problems. Have you ever had to sit in a Wheelchair for any length of time? Have you ever had pain that will not go away because of injuries sustained at an earlier time in your life? Do you know what it is like having to take drugs to relieve pain in order for you to function on a daily basis. Maybe one day you will have the opportunity too suffer the same as us that have the Chronic Pain issue in our lives. WAKE-UP FOOL!

  10. She was probably crawling through a ceiling / roof and accidentally stood on the plaster rather then the support beams. She would have fallen because the actual ceiling does not support any weight.

  11. Where does it say she got hurt as a kid? She said "I fell through a ceiling and compressed 7 vertibre." She's not being forced to suffer. She got hurt because she's obese, any doctor will tell you that's what happens when you're obese. And now she's asking for an illegal substance so she can feel better? Yeah that sucks, but this should be an add for taking care of your body so you don't end up like her, not legalizing marijuana.

  12. I'm not saying we should kill her, I'm just saying that a series of bad choices resulting in a massive injury (that she had coming) should not result in the changing of law to accommodate this person's situation.

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