Millennial Trends On Marijuana Legalization And Voter Turnout | Squawk Box | CNBC

NBC News’ Harry Smith talks about states voting to legalize marijuana and whether it will attract millennial users. » Subscribe to CNBC: …

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  1. Social cost of marijuana will be positive or even. People will have a choice between cannabis verses opioids, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and cigarets. Many people will use less of these dangerous drugs and instead use cannabis which has a safer profile and medical benefits. This will lead to positive gains in health cost. The problem with prohibitionists, is they do not care about science. They only care about lying because they are trying to protect their bottom dollar or their screwed up morals which are indeed immoral.

  2. The social detriments are not comparable by any metric. If you think cannabis induces the types of violent antisocial delirium as the likes of King Alcohol, all you do is bespeak your own ignorance and invalidate your entire argument. Well done

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