Monster Cropping, Cloning During Flowering Stage – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

What is monster cropping cannabis plants? Learn the basics behind taking clones from flowering stage cannabis plants, revegging flowering bud clones to grow …

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  1. Best for taking from mid winter indoor grow to be rooted and vegged out until late spring. Then plant them outdoors. Esp if your running your latest f1 's and you find a real special girl.

  2. I read of a technique to actually split the stem in the middle towards the end of flower. Any thoughts on this?

    Also do you have any thoughts on people mentioning about getting rid of the red spectrum late in flower and supplementing with UVB because they say the red stunts turpentine production etc… so some growers switch HPS out for CMH like last 2 weeks

  3. I got to move my plant into the house it's in the flowering stage looks really good thanks to your help I appreciate it all your help how should I move or I mean is it too cold to leave outside it's going to be 46 tonight I'm up in Oxford Massachusetts please help thank you and if you give me your email address I can send you a picture of the outcome

  4. Hey it's been awhile since I talked to you how are you doing I got a question how long can I leave my plant what's the lowest temperature I can get my plant because it's still outside up in Massachusetts and it's getting cold it's been 55 60 at night and it's big flowers on it when is it going to stop Bud producing buds thank you and God bless America God Bless America

  5. I've used this technique. It is freaking incredible. I had six clones from buds and when I transplanted those six clones they had over 400 Bud sites on them, altogether. Now those six clones have easily mm or more Bud sites. and it's almost July, I can't wait to how they look in October😉

  6. dog gone it. I thought I was the one that invented this process😣. in any case I tried this process and let me tell you," it is incredible. Unbelievable.!!!!! it is difficult to do. I use rockwool cubes and Olivia's cloning gel and I still only get about 60%. I also temperature control my clones at the roots to make sure they're the right temperature. but it is a huge payoff. Best way to do it is outside.

  7. so for those who love growing, like he said, its fun to experiment. i got a skywalker og clone i got that was in flower, i got it back tk veg now a month and change later in dwc. im gonna take clones while its in veg now and see the time differnces between moster time and veg clone time

  8. stumbled into monstercropping back in about 09 when i had my facility raided for the first time and all i had were 2 female durban poison plants left on the balcony that somehow werent seen, they were already almost a month into flower but the cuttings i took produced so much branching from the bud sites that i was able to put about 23 plants into shut down 4 weeks later and paved the way for me to get where i am now. i now do my own fem and auto seeds

  9. Can I carry a clone stem in airplane for 3hrs ? If yes please tell me how do I do it ! Inside a suitcase in a container . Is it better to make holes or keep it vacuumed? And also should I apply the clone oil mix in coco and close it with cello tape. If anyone can understand this scenario please help me out. Thanks a lot already

  10. Dude monster cropping where I come from is the bending your stalks until they almost snap and then letting the plant heal itself. It is said that this process will make the plant work harder by sending everything she has to heal and repair the almost broken stalk . If done during the flower cycle then its said that the plant will make a last ditch attempt to save itself and start producing resin and extra THC to mend the almost broken bud site . I was always taught not to do any LST or monster cropping after the plant is in flower for 3 weeks. Decent video though

  11. Good video. In the past my biggest problems were providing the correct temperatures for my clones so they don't get over heated or too cold. I use a cut off water bottle for my domes. Weed hack.

  12. Excellent video. This video was packed with lots of very good information. I appreciate it so much as I am a new grower for my medicine. I just found you and subscribed. Can't wait to see the next video.

  13. Hold on now. Clones taken from the TOP of the plants DO BETTER. Stop screwing these noobs up. Best way I have found is to soak Rock Wool over night in the ph balanced water from my well and tap and dip them in generic cloning powder from Wal-Mart or wherever and stick them in Rock Wool then in Soil and cover them with a clear cup or Moisture dome and mist them frequently. As much as possible for about a week. Then slowly let them get the real air outside and the next week they should be rocking and rolling baby. You can also just drop the Rock Wool right in to a DWC Basket and in to the Tote IF you have the tub set up for it. I have a DWC Tank with 15 small Net Pots and 4 with 6 larger ones in it. I love using it for the Germination stage and some flowering. But you can't beat the taste of Soil Grown so I usually drop them in soil and finish them. I do Train and take leaves and clones off and such also. I am growing Auto's now so I don't do much other than Gentle Training and barely any leave removal. I do that hardcore FIMing and training on the Regular Snail paced plants. DO NOT CLONE IN BUD STAGE DUMB DUMB. lol

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