1. does the cbd make you sleepy?
    i want cbd with a little thc just to smoke and chill before i go to work but i dont want to feel lazy and sleepy mainly for anxiety and to be a little high to where i can still function .

  2. The level of thc comment you made is so true. Some of my favorite full spectrum carts by Guild extracts test on the lower end but they were some of the tastiest carts I've had. Great vids man.

  3. Hey if you haven't tried 1Match the carts, you got to. I've got alot of different ones in Florida but the match, holy shit. I'm a heavy smoker maybe not as much as some people but I smoke multiple times a day everyday. But the match carts I literally bit it like twice and I'm good, it's almost impossible to take a big hit, it feels like you got smacked in the face. I can't get them anymore , which sucks. I moved to NC I'm hoping we get medical or that and recreational eventually so it will be easier for me.

  4. I think my plug soled me a fake cart for $59 it’s really yellow and I took big hits don’t cough I don’t think it came with the CA sticker and I don’t taste nothing fruity or good plus I don’t smell weed so idk I’m out of $50 bucks

  5. i know you've done the reviews on cbd only gummies, but have you ever had an all CBD cart? I've been on the fence lately about copping one just to help with relaxation at night haha
    regardless, banger of a video bro!

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