1. I don't think I made it clear in the video that I'm excited for this new research because of CBDa, which you can already get naturally, and the progression of cannabinoid research, which I believe will lead to safer alternatives to medications that come with serious side effects.

  2. My husband, 34, has stage 4 lung cancer. Never smoked anything a day in his life. He has a mutation that has a targetable chemotherapy and has been doing really well on it until this month. Every lump has gone down or disappeared except 1, it grew a whole cm in less than 3 months.

    I say this so you have a frame of reference for my question. He now has to get radiation treatment starting next week and every one and/or everywhere I look says to get him CBD oils, hence how I found your channel. My question is, Do you or anyone else know what kind of CBD ( just cbd, cbd-a, full spectrum, etc) that is possibly best for this kind of situation? I have a few friends that sell from different mlm companies but I know absolutely nothing about anything and am really confused and on a bit of a time crunch to try and help my hubby. There are soooooo many companies out there so ANY company/type recommendations would be extremely helpful for me!!

    Sorry this is so long, just panicking a bit and really need some advice on where to start. If you got this far, thanks so much for even reading!

  3. Thank you to people like this that can explain the amazing benefits of CBD for the world to understand thank you very much great information.. I started using CBD for my pain and insomnia and I will not live a day with out them. We all learn how amazing CBD products are and knowing what is in your CBD bottles or products is very important. Knowing how much THC is in your product is also important. I order my CBD products from CTFO and I love CTFO because they are very transparent with you. They not only sell products with CBD but products with CBDa as well. You can see all lab reports on all products and know what exactly in your bottles. To add on to this amazing CBD train they offer a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee with no questions ask. There really is nothing to lose. If you are looking for great CBD products and know your money is being well spent I would suggest ordering from CTFO. I do have an affiliate link and get paid a small commission if you us it, and the best part you could also earn small commission with your own links when you sign up! If this sounds great head over with my link and explore and see for yourself I promise you you will not be disappointed. terratearscbd.myctfo.com

  4. Could you please test https://cannaray.co.uk it’s sold over the counter in pharmacy’s, also could you test the 1500mg oral drops.

    Would be much appreciated if you could, I would be happy to contribute for you test it, I just want to make sure I’m taking the right stuff

  5. Beginner here(as far as full spectrum).

    I just finished off my first 50mg bottle of full spectrum tincture from JustCBD. It was $9.99 and seemed decent, at least for the price. No bad flavor or smell, like taking castor oil. You should check it out.

    I went for a $59 bottle of 600mg citrus from Fab and took first dose today. It's DISGUSTING. I'll stomach it if it's legit but… 🤮 Help!

  6. I've tried medical CBD and Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil and I can positively say that Bluebird Botanicals is WAY better and I truly believe its because of the CBDa! This video confirms its for me.

    Love your videos!

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