This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ The 8 x 2 closet grow harvest is finally ready to be chopped, dried, trimmed, cured and this video am taking you through …

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  1. Happy New Year everyone! I know right off the bat people are going to be asking about the sift screens I am trimming on. Linked down below is an amazon link to them. I use them for trimming & for safe 100% solventless extraction. Any questions just drop them down and other then that I hope your Holidays were great!

    ( see description for full list )
    Trim/Sift Screen set for catching hash –

    Boveda RH packs for Curing –

    Fiskarz Trimmers ( the very best ) –

  2. Great vid, that choc mint og is my fave 💯 question, if im using canna bio range(organic) do i feed as usual up to harvest or should I flush last week or 2 or just slowly give lower dosage. Thanks and looking forward to your next vid , have since invested in autos.

  3. I have no good room to dry my plant. I'm stressed out. First time grower and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Sad part is the plant looks really good. I'm just hanging it for a couple days before putting it in jars but I really hope the room I have it in will be good because I can't do much for temperature.

  4. Man you're good. You def know what you're talking about and doing. I'm not only judging by the looks of your TRICHOMES either, i promise. Im not that shallow. Lol, but i grow outdoors in Maine. Canada border almost. And this time of year most reg strains end around sep to oct. And its wet and cloudy and humid all the time now. I had a couple soots of bud rot and was panicking cuz i know its not going to clear up and dry up outside. So i decided to stop watering my plants all together. Well, it's still wet and rainy out. Been almost 2 weeks since I've watered, but no more bud rot anywhere and they're looking good. I think they are absorbing more of it than letting the rain sit in itself. But because of the rain i will no longer try to grow 10foot plants with giant buds. Im going for smaller plants, decent sized bud and better looking TRICHOMES!!!! Good job thanks man!

  5. Hello, can I send you a picture? I love your videos however, you failed to show us how to trim. I have two plants. First grow, they are beautiful. I believe one is ready for harvest.

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