Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation in the ALR #1

The first video in a series that covers the one farm’s licensing journey from wondering if adding cannabis as a outdoor crop would be good idea being fully …

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  1. Very good videos – I love your positivity! I am wondering if you are aware of the BC Craft Farmers Co-op? We are trying to bring together growers like yourself to share resources etc and I think your message is perfect for other prospective, but highly intimidated potential micro-cultivators.

  2. Great video. I wish you Luck. I myself am in the initial application process for this very license. I currently have a ACMPR for 185 outdoor plants in which i grow 100% natural with TLO methods incorporating Teas ,FPJ, foliars etc.. . I live on the Southern Shore of Nova Scotia where the Climate is great for Outdoor growing. Congrats, nice to see small scale grows having a opportunity in this big time business.

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