Outdoor Cuvee Marijuana Harvest (Time Lapse)

Mendo Dope Vision brings you this time lapse outdoor harvest of Cuvee, a new TGA Genetics and Aficionado collab strain Space Queen crossed to Pinot Noir.

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  1. Nice work!
    as you guys get older you'll figure out its easier to limb the whole plant down then field trim it while you sit at a table. Standing on a ladder that long is needlessly tedious. sure on smaller plants, where theres no ladder needed, it makes more sense to field trim as you go when you can. but fuck standing on a ladder that long!

  2. I have plants myself and i know its sad but i don't think im gonna have the guts to kill it i gave them names so is there a way to just let them live and cut just a little off? Not planning to sell.

  3. There were weed bushes so big that i used to climb and play on the bush when i was little kid….. but the thing was i was to innocent to know that the plant i was climbing could get me high!!! lol…. i still remember it was not smaller than a christmas tree….today i am seeing it here big bushes!!! 😀

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