POT TYPES & SIZES for Growing Cannabis

Not sure what size container to grow in? How about what type of pot to use? Yeah, we were there once too. Roll one up and let’s learn about Cannabis pot types …

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  1. A clothes basket lined with landscaping cloth or some other fabric works like a bag but is cheap and reusable and easier to move. The dollar stores have small ones that are cool for smaller plants. I use them for tomatoes and whatever.

  2. Tote life! We all have done it. Tote reservoir tote plant pots tote clone tent! Got to earn your stripes! Smaller pots means more pots which leads to more pot! Smaller pots mean more frequently watering which leads to more air and nutrients delivered to the root system. All good things IMO.

  3. I use to grow in 4 twenty gallon smart pots in my 4X4 with 1000W hps. I had great yields at 1.73lbs per grow with 13 grows. I recently moved to Oregon and switched it up. I am now growing with a 400W led in my 4×4. Instead of using 20 gallon smart pots I’m using 6 ten gallon plastic bag type pots. I’ve noticed that they grow to the same heights just as fast in veg. Flowering is a much different story. They flower more slowly using the LED but I’m getting the same yields and much better buds. Certainly smaller but tighter and much more robust and flavorful. I also noticed that I have more room in the tent using smaller pots and adding two. The plastic bags seem to form into squares easily and it gives me room to feed, check soil, etc. I do poke more holes into the bottom of my bags for seepage and ventilation. Also, my “water catchers” are square and fit under each plant perfectly saving me room. I’m thinking about going to seven gallon or even five gallon pots now. I’ve found that as long as the roots are happy, the plant is happy. I am wondering how much or how little the size of the pots really matter when it comes to keeping the roots happy. Is bigger better in that aspect?

  4. Im starting about 8 grows using kind soil and roots organic haven’t found to much info on this method but I’ll be starting of in 1gal for my first two what is the expected yield (blueberry,white widow)

  5. Damn!! Been growing outdoor in northern Michigan for over 35 years and I still learn something everyone I watch you guys,keep it up and burn it down! Friggin awesome 👍

  6. Rob, Trey.. Nice video fellas I was woundering about this when I'm finially able to start. If growing is like growing anything else does it make more since to water from the bottom in order to not have lazy roots  especially hitting them with fertilizer. An old timer that we bought veg seeds from said it was best to hit them with fertilizers from the bottom as it will decrease burning? So what are your thoughts on the above? Have  a good one THCanks  as always Martin

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