Rick Simpson discussing curing cancer

Paula Gloria and Joe Barton on phone with Rick Simpson in Honduras December 2011 talking about improving the quality of his cannabis oil cancer cure, …

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  1. @eastcoastherb …… and no . i handle life's problems pretty well, your not a problem . your a plant , , here just to cause confusion and doubt , or a cop . being paid to do the same .., but a healer you are not ….

  2. you do not make sense , when people dont make sense , its usally cause they are lying … so now your a maker of this medicine you've been calling snake oil? …. the same medicine you say does not work ..? think you have a plant on here Paula .. ( and not the kind that grows ..)

  3. @lucrene1112 is that how you handle all lifes problems ,by telling them to away? and actually through acts of kindness and compassion I have helped many folks get the medication they so desperately need,,If you know this "little boy" why dont you help him? I bet theres a fat chance of that happening!! Im sure Rick would sell him the snake oil if his family could come up with the $3000.00 that he charges for his bogus treatment

  4. @EssiacHempLaetrile If only we could solve the Mystery as to who is flagging my comment about the You Tube channel "eastcoastherb" verbally attacking Rick Simpson. Oh well back in the Mystery Machine, Scooby-Doo says we should head towards the East Coast 🙂

  5. @eastcoastherb why dont you do something other then run your mouth , how many people have you even tried to heal , i know a little boy needs oil very bad , you gonna make him some good THC oil , send it free , so he can stop his radiation ? no your not, will only continue to run your mouth until Paula blocks you….. have a pretty picture of plants on your page , they yours? ,,or you steal a picture ? . you a cop or just like to be a pain in the ass…go away ..your not wanted here..

  6. 10:45 I was using Dr. Mechoulam's research that says some of the ingredients (65+ Cannabinoids) in the (Cannabis) Oil replaces Calcium in the Bones.
    -"A bone that is broken in animals takes about 30% less time to heal when given a mixture of CBD and THC."
    Dr. Mechoulam, Cannabis Researcher since 1960-present
    -Cannabinoid Receptors are located in our: bones, brain, central nervous system, dendritic cells, fat, heart, immune system, intestines, ribs, skeletal muscle, bone marrow (stem cells) etc.

  7. 19:20 Lindy Heise / Lynnice Wedewer
    I assume Rick thought you were talking about …
    "She (Dr. Lynnice Wedewer) only uses cannabis, a multi vitamin, specific digestive enzymes, and a few supplements. She inhales, juices, eats, takes cannabis capsules, and makes the True Medicinal Grade Cannabis Oil recipe by RICK SIMPSON." lynnicewedewer COM

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