Schedule 1: A documentary short about Cannabis and Cancer.

I have big news! So big and exciting that we are filming an update and recutting the end of the movie. Check back in a few months. In the meantime, my blog is …

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  1. Hi Michelle. I just wrote you an email a few minutes ago on your website.

    My name is Scott. I hope you receive it but if not, is there a contact email where I could write to you concerning some questions about CBD oil treatment?

    Many thanks and I hope you're doing well.

    And, thank you so much for the movie and sharing your inspiring story.

  2. Free Cannavis Free Nature Free Health God bless you all thank God for All and Him Nature is a free gift a preasent from God Heaven in earth fysh nature . i will not tell you to do chemo .Dont chimo. Chimo Is Death. The right dose make the right ballance make the right plant medical .the not right dose make the medical plant to a poison plant . all are in ballance mind soul body all biological oicological naturelogical fusiological soullogical pschycological mind logical it is a plant only all in right ballance. There are not bad things . There are only bad dose.metro Ellas not Greece or Hellas or hell . we tell METRON ARISTON .And that we are plants of the stars the sky of the God.Be Can navis You Can Be Alive. Endocannavinoid system . with keys and doors . the right ballance comounicaision between the all systems. We all cannavis in all body all the time for all the reasons to eat to sleep to work to be happy to forget we make all in side endo cannavis kinds system make cannavis inside endo .

  3. Thanks to Cannabis I managed to avoid Chemo, after 6 weeks of Radiation, my chances looked grim, I was sent home to recover, from R.T in that time I started using oils. to treat the cancer. and it worked, no Chemo required . all my scans are clear since. Brain cancer warrior .. 6 years. stage 4. this plant is a gift. make it legal. well done to the lady for her amazing story

  4. Michelle, I hope you're doing better and off chemo. Is there a list of strains for each type of cancer? (even a preliminary list)
    Also, are you taking RSO or some other kind of tincture? Please provide details. Thank-you and good luck on your journey toward good health.

  5. I have just viewed your amazing film regarding cannabis. What an achievement. You are so brave and resilient and your message has been so positive and eloquently presented. It was also so lovely just to see you and Bruce in your beautiful garden and home together with such supportive family and friends. Hopefully, the science will win. A story of true grit. Love Wendy Finlay

  6. Cbd got me off of a permanent feeding tube (my stomach is partially paralyzed from a condition called Gastroparesis) and helps control the movement disorder I have called Dopa Responsive Dystonia from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I’m forever grateful for this plant. It’s help is real. ❤️ Thank you for sharing.

  7. Cannabs is medicine, I agree absolutely, but if you suffer from the disease "cancer" then you have to stop eating meat as well, it is not enough to take the God given medicine, you have to change your attitude towards life itself.

    🕉️ E n d o c a n n a b i n o i d – S y s t e m 🕉️.

    -Are thought vibrations that can encourage,
    enlighten and empower.

    -Are words of encouragement, that when filled with great
    love, make a huge difference.

    -Can travel long distances. Somebody may be miles
    away but your blessings will still reach them.

  8. Hi Michelle. Fantastic film! I have a very similar story and passion. If you are interested in my story of healing from stage 4 Neuroendocrine Pancreatic cancer (same as Steve Jobs and Aretha Franklin) you can view some footage that was taken for the film, "Weed the People". It is on my facebook page NYC Botanics. Feel free to get in touch if you want to chat. MeanwhiIe, I will share your film as I am helping many cancer patients navigate the cannabis world and think you did an amazing job telling your story. I hope you are staying safe and doing well. Happy 420! #cannabisheals #patientsrights

  9. After watching your story I was moved to share it on my Facebook page hoping that others would begin to see the light. My sharing comment was:

    Many of you know that I spent almost two years working to help a friend who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer extend her life and feel better during that time. On a regular schedule, usually monthly, I would send her a tincture from California. The tincture was a combination of CBD and THC. When we started neither of those substances were legal or available in the state of Virginia. But they were available to me because I live near San Diego. Over the course of these treatments my friend continued her conventional chemo therapy while I urged her to let me increase the percentage of THC in the tincture. Had I known then what I know now I would have been a little more insistent but she clung to what she knew and I wanted to support her regardless.

    The attached short (30 min) documentary is the best one I have seen on the study and use of medicinal cannabis. And I have seen many. I wish that it had been available when I first started working with my friend. It is available to you now and I strongly urge you to watch it. Your life or the life of a loved one may be saved or improved by what you see here. And by the way, since I have many Facebook friends from Richmond my friend was Fran Garber Cleary, my first wife. I feel certain she would echo my recommendation. Be safe, be healthy.

    I am retired Michelle and would make myself available in any capacity which might be helpful to the "movement". I have a variety of skills to share. Thank you for putting yourself out there. We need more people with the kind of bravery you have displayed. We need more warriors. I volunteer.

  10. Thank you Michelle. Please consider emailing me please. Dr. Joe and Dr. Bearman and Dr. Meiri know me 😉 I am an oncology nurse who has been working with patients for several years. I am very focused on trying to sort out pathology report details that may help all this move forward. Dr. Meiri told me at a dinner a few years ago that I was one of the few folks taking it this seriously that he had met — paying attention to genomic details as well as path report details. Not trying to brag — instead just humbly saying "congratulations" and I would love to chat. If anything I have learned can help you, so much the better. But I would love to find out more from you. As an example, some with high grade, serous ovarian cancer appear to be getting help from THC more often, but not always. Is it because some of those are also HER2+? We don't know yet. But I have my suspicions. Anyhow…. enough of my geekiness. Bless you.

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