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Rhea Chakraborty’s WhatsApp chat with Jaya Saha that came to light during the questioning of the actress by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection …

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  1. You do know that many indians smoke cannabis legal or not. I am a user as well but it has not affected my life in a negative way (before critics pour in, i am an adult and only smoke in the evening after work, no I don't smoke during the day or morning).
    Where does all this money spent on illegal cannabis go to ?? Drug cartels and mafia ofcourse. Western countries have seen the benefits of this plant and we all know they dont implement stuff unless they've thought it through.
    Going to jail for a small amount of cannabis possession for personal use is like apologising to your girlfriend even though you've done nothing wrong (bad example but u get the point).

  2. CBD is BIG PHARMA propaganda to divide the community that has been fighting for the whole plant. CBD was always BIG PHARMA's evil PR plan. All over the world they made these "medical cannabis" laws so that they could make CBD in order to give to the people a fraction of the cannabis plant. Now with the help of some gold diggers that made CBD oils and profited from the cannabis plant, their plan is to keep Epidiolex and a few others on the market and complete CBD studies that will prove that cannabis has no medicinal benefits. Using long term CBD can be harmful to the body. Checkout the studies that were conducted on CBD. CBD is a SCAM and a lot of people felt into that. Humanity needs THE COMPLETE PLANT with THCv, THCa, etc. all the compounds, those are needed for our endocannabinoid system, not just CBD.

    If you prepare the cannabis oil according to the RICK SIMPSON method then you get the REAL CANNABIS OIL, then you get the medicine, but what do they say about THC ? that it provokes psychosis, it makes you HIGH. It doesn't do that ! people, it doesn't make you mad, it doesn't attack your immune system, it strengths everything instead. Those articles and those trolls that fill the internet with their lies about THC are BIG PHARMA's people.

  3. There is no concrete proof that Sushant Singh was murdered. CBI is going along with the theory that it was a suicide till proven it is a murder. This is the reason why the agency is questioning each and everyone time again to get a clue whether it was murder. Also the viscera report is awaited if it throws some light.

  4. Let me guess. Someone or some particular media establishment had indicated that Rhea C had administered CBD's to SSR and that had subsequently led to him committing suicide or had led to him acting in strange ways. Is that the scenario? That is complete bullshit. Whoever or whatever entity brought up this point is trying to mislead you people unless there happens to exist some unique and insane variety of CBD which is grown exclusively in India and which is unknown to the rest of the world.

  5. It looks like there is no other issues in country at this moment.
    Yes people behind susant rajput sad demise must be punished.
    But there are many serious issue within country which media must address too along with susant rajput case

  6. Ayurvedic doctor! Just like coronil which is for COVID19? What is the degree for a ayurved doc? Seems a PR team has almost purchased this channel! Is she a medical practitioner? And please dont compare india to other countries. That way u can get weed in a coffee shop in some countries! What are u giving this justification for?

  7. Array madam kitna Rhea ko support karoge?Voh drugs deti thi Sushant ko Ismein koi shak nhi hain.Saara whatsapp conversation saamne aaya hai and Rhea ne CBI ke saamne qubool bhi kiya hai ki yeh saare messages ussi ne bheja tha. Yeh sab video banake aap log yeh saabit karna chahte ho ki u are fair journalists!!However the fact remains that your channel interviewed Accused number 1 in a FIR filed with the Bihar police one day before the CBI enquiry.

  8. We know what you are trying …in case of Rhea' s conversation with Jaya is not right to suggest that drugs. Does Jaya have licence to prescribe any drugs for Sushant. Sick manipulative people.

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