Step by Step How to Harvest Cut and Dry Outdoor Cannabis Plants

This years harvest is ready to begin. In this video I tell you when and how to cut hang and dry your marijuana weed plants Support my channel: …

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  1. Can't I just shelter it from the sun and rains when it's mature enough and let it dry right there? If there's enough I can store in air tight containers straight from the tree.

  2. I would definitely recommend pruning which I don't think you did. It's fine if you don't as you can see things worked out quite well for Bud, but basically around 2 weeks into flowering (some people do it as late as 3 weeks but don't do it too late into flowering or else you're wasting product) you cut off the bottom branches that won't be able to get as much light so the plant can direct all of it's nutrients into the off shoots that are going to produce the best buds from getting the most light. This ends up increasing your yield and also increasing the quality of your product. It also allows for air flow which prevents moisture which can very easily result in mold, mildew, or provide as a nice home for pests who will east through your plants. Great video Bud thank you for making the growing process so simple for those trying to grow at home, not start a complex growing business with loads of equipment.

  3. 🇿🇦, High there Bud. It's my first time growing and my plant has buds, she looks skinny though, not like yours, is there any way that I can actually make her look thick? Lol I'm still learning. 🤓

  4. How stupid are you I can see one of those plants forsure is sick you are not supposed to leave the leave on on season you are supposed to de leaf them as they grown and btw those are pussy plants I have grew plants two 4x bigger

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