1. hey Katie Jones, maybe you should worry less about contacting the FDA and finding out if more laws can be passed on top of the thousands of laws that already exist and maybe you should worry more about fake news and Reporting the real news b**

  2. If you wanna pass your drug test, check out : " Michael Boron's" youtube channel. It DID work for me ! (Labcorp unsupervised drug test) and do yourself a favor: DO NOT use certo!

  3. Weed is not a damn drug.  If you legalize it stop torturing people with pee pee test.  Cigarettes are legal and they kill people our fucked up government puts 20 additives that are carcinogenic.  Weed for example, does not cause cancer and addictive,  I had to go off it and on it and no side effects.  The government back in the day demonized it.  I bet when they figure out it can be used as a cash crop that they will undemonized weed.  You can make fuel, fabric, it has health benefits.  I rather hang out with a stoner than a mean ass drunk!

  4. crazy video but in our line of work what we do to shut this on going problem is say out loud at the safety meeting WHY DONT THE BOSSES AND THE (CEO) have to take the WITNESS PEE TEST ? and it's a moment of silence and the secretary jumps in and starts talking about other issues at work .

  5. Just take weed off the fucking test. Jesus fucking Christ. Pretending I'm a spy going in with the fake piss is fun sometimes but I shouldn't have to feel like Solid Snake going into a Pre-employment drug test because I hit the blunt a few times on the weekend.

  6. Fuck you, if I want to smoke up on the weekend that's my business. If I smoke up and go to work then it's yours. Saliva tests are much better at detecting whether you are currently stoned or did much more serious drugs days prior. Urine tests are complete bullshit because they only really effectively single out someone who got stoned. Not the idiot showing up with still drunk from the night before which is much more dangerous.

  7. fuck that shit. a restaurant job is making me do a drug test for 7.50 an hour and not even 30 hours a week !! i have been a smoker for 12 years and i dont plan on quitting for 150 a week!

  8. What exactly is the point of this piece of news? What purpose does this serve other than to inform drug users of an effective means to fraudulently pass a urine screening?

  9. yes because smoking a plant thats safer than alcohol and causes a much less intoxicating high, is so bad for a workplace environment. Oh and not to mention, thanks for telling me the temperatures to keep the synthetic urine at. (not that, that wasnt already known) maybe if marijuana wasnt illegal people wouldnt need to use this stuff. Its not your meth heads and heroine addicts buying this stuff, its honest, hard working employes that like to smoke a joint after work that have to use this.

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