Testing the runoff from my cannabis plants at day 33 of flower ~ pH & ppm

My Jack Herer has spots on some leaves, and it as well as my GG#4 have slightly burnt leaf tips. I attempt to get a better understanding of what’s going on with …

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  1. It's likely you had the beginning of nutrient lockout and not a toxicity at all. It was actually deficiencies due to the lockout. You did the right thing by flushing them down to the proper PPM's with Ph'ed water, that's how you fix it. Now your plants should start uptaking nutrients again. Spots are typically calcium deficiency.

  2. We are 8= weeks in flower with GG autos. Had noticed the same spots and tips on ours. I'm pretty sure I over mixed nutes a few weeks ago. I immediately flushed with water for 2 days. I am hoping that helped. I really appreciate your videos. Thanks! ")

  3. Grammy I really tired today. Because yesterday I was up till 4 am😂. I finished watching all of your videos. I can relate a lot with you. Great content. God bless. Stay healthy 💪

  4. Hey man. I think you may have salt build up or calcium bicarbonate accumulation in the medium. Try lowering the ph of your feed solution or removing some of the cal mag. I was using 250 ppm cal mag and had a very similar issue. Remo nutrients as well.

  5. What did you believe to be the cause of this and what did you do to fix it? What did you do to drop of ppm run off? Nevermind. I believe you answered my question at the end. Just plain water. Thanks for the video

  6. So I can’t find a real simple explanation of EC, PH, ppm as it relates to soil. I’m just learning. I’m on personal well water. It’s ph is around 7.2-7.4. So I’ve been adding 1.25 teaspoons of citric acid to 5 gallon bucket to bring it down to about 6.2. Too low? I’m not organic, but I do use an organic micronutrient in the soil. Anyhow I have all sorts of issues on my first girl. I just don’t get ppm/ec. So I check my well water with nothing in it and hope for a low number? Then test my runoff from plants and it should always be below a certain number? If it’s too high in the runoff I’m feeding too much or my source water sucks?

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