The Secret To Cannabis Concentrates (Wax, Dabs, Rosin, Shatter)

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CBD Essence


  1. Yes it takes pressure of course but you left out heat! If you don't get the heat right it can be a catastrophe! It's the combination of both that makes a perfect run! I still make old school hash the old school way! I love it, always have always will.

  2. I love my NugsmasherOG I just wish I would’ve waited to get the XP. I know about the trade in deal but for everything I payed and the plates not being exactly aligned I feel like it’s only right if I send it in that I could pay the difference. Other than that I’ll just have to deal with it because Idk how to make their amazing shipping setup. I give Nugsmasher their props tho they have THE BEST and quickest customer service.

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